Monday, November 8, 2010


So most of you know about my massive humongous obsession with weddings....well wait til you see what I have in store for you today. So my friend Louise and her fiance own a photography company called 8twenty8 studios, and they are just about the most fabulous wedding photographers I've ever met. Make sure you check them out right here. They really just capture the moment....and they capture all the big moments, all the little moments, but my fave is all the silly moments. They recently shot a wedding for this couple, but I'm guessing after the wedding, they did another shoot, the Trash-the-Dress shoot. I've never really seen a Trash-the-Dress shoot before, so the credit will have to go to this awesome couple and the photographers. But it might be the MOST fabulous thing I have everrr seen. In honor of this awesome couple and this awesome idea to trash her dress, I had to post about it on here. So enjoy the pictures :) I hope 8twenty 8 studios doesn't mind that I credit them in this blog for their awesomeness.

This is my favorite....she is shocked...and horrified!!!!

Payback is soooo sweet.

Trash-the-dress...maybe the new wedding trend?? Hmmm...I'm totally for it! Anyways, if you are in the San Diego/southern california area, I recommend 8twenty8 studios, because as spectacular as this shoot was....wait til you see their weddings :)

PS sorry for using the word awesome so many times. I was just overly excited.

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