Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Thankfulness Project

In honor of it being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I wanted to start a new project, called the Thankfulness Project. The idea is to write down ten things we are thankful for at this moment in our lives. What I would like to do is to get my friends and family to participate and submit a list every day for something they are thankful about. You definitely do not have to list anything in order. It might be more fun if things are randomly listed in your list. After you finish your list, pick one thing you want to talk about being thankful for and write a short paragraph about it (you can feel free to incorporate other things on your list as well). I really want this to work, so if you are following us, please submit your list to

I got the idea from another blog I have been following for the last few years, called The Rockstar Diaries. Naomi, the blogger, came up with the idea to make a list of things that make her happy, so essentially this is my version of her lists. If you want to check out her Here's to Happiness project, you should because she is adorable! Anyways, back to the Thankfulness Project.... I think this could be really fun, and I hope you guys think so too :)

         10 things I am incredibly thankful for....
            1. My awesome boyfriend who I love to pieces (even 460 miles apart)
            2. Orange leaves in trees and crisp, morning air
            3. The Giants winning the World Series 
            4. My family and their support in everything I do
            5. Christmas decorations that started popping up after Halloween
            6. People who give me the opportunity to interview for jobs
            7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
            8. Great happy hours around the peninsula
            9. The smell of rain the morning after a storm
            10. Starbucks and their red cups, and pumpkin spice lattes!

"Right now, I am really thankful that red cups are back at Starbucks. There is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee in a bright red cup to start off your morning, pick you up in the afternoon, or warm you up at night. The only thing that could make it even better is if I could pick up some red cups and cuddle up with my awesome boyfriend and watch harry potter movies all day."

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  1. I write a thankfulness list (just of 3 things) each night before bed. It's a great idea, Marg!!!