Monday, September 28, 2009

matt's architecture blog...and our deadline

Matt has a new home...well online anyway. check out his new blog featuring his architecture work, called a little dose of evy. he worked hard on it all night to get it going and i'm really proud of him (his blogging and his work). don't worry he'll still be part of this blog. it wouldn't be matt and margaret if it was just me. we'll probably post less of his architecture on here, but if it's really spectacular, we'll definitely showcase it, or at least i'll link it.

More important news, i know we passed our deadline. i have officially started school and we didn't finish our list. i think we're gonna try and finish what we can, just for our own benefits, and maybe even start a fall list, but with school, our jobs, and everything else going on in'll probably be a shorter list. but keep your faith in us and we'll try not to let you down :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday funday

Today was sunday funday...filled with football, shopping, and eating. We got up and the football game's on. Matt and I went grocery shopping at a local market called Scholari's and picked up almost 12 pounds of ribs for dinner. We came back and watched the Giants play against the Dodgers, since Lincecum was pitching today. We got schlacked....which is a crushing blow for the Evans family, because of their passion for the orange and black. Brandie and I got pretty bored of watching sports all day, so we stopped by Borders and I picked up the first Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book, "Dead until Dark." I'm really excited to start reading it because I want to start watching True Blood. Anyways, the boys finally got over the baseball game and we went shopping at Legends...sooooooooooo cool. They have this huge sporting store called Scheels and it is home to the biggest indoor ferris wheel. No one would go on with me, so I missed my chance to ride on it....bummer. Anyways, they also have statues of a couple of the presidents and they give speeches, which actually kind of creeped me out. But it was a good shopping trip overall, Matt and Brian got matching shoes...and shorts. Cute, right?

When we got back from Legends, we started prepping the ribs, which took over two hours (an hour in the oven and an hour on the grill). While the ribs were in the oven, Matt and I made apple pie. His mom has this super cool looking apple peeler/de-core-er machine...I need one of those in my life. Our secret ingredient in the pie...pumpkin spice. While the ribs were grilling up, groups of us played Bongo...and it's kind of hard to explain the game, I guess the closest thing would be like throwing horseshoes. Matt and I kicked some major butt in that game (and he actually ended up bringing it to San Diego with us). Well, our ribs were finally done and they were DELICIOUS. For first timers, I think we did a pretty swell job :) His family was pretty impressed, and I think it was nice for his mom to get some relief from cooking all the time. So anyways, it was a good day in Reno for Matt and me.

P.S. Remember how I started this post talking about the Sookie Stackhouse novels...I finished book number 2 yesterday, and I'm gonna go grab book 3 tomorrow. It's official, I'm hooked. All this vampire madness is getting to my head.


...and now we're cooking

sushi eat-a-thon

On Saturday, we went to all-you-can-eat sushi at Rickshaw's in Reno, NV. I've never done all-you-can-eat sushi before, but it's all the rave up here. Matt and his friends used to go every week in high school. We had an endless sushi buffet for 13.95/person.....SWEET. I'm pretty sure we got around 25 rolls (plus appetizers) between the 7 of us (Matt, me, Basim, Cara, Pat, Brandon, and Levi) and we ate for almost 2 hours. I didn't eat myself into a food coma, but I was definitely full. We were planning on doing an eating contest, to cross something off our list, but instead it just became an eat-a-thon. Sorry for the lack of pictures...we were too busy eating while watching the Dodgers stomp on the Giants :(

Afterwards, we hung around the house and later, Brandie, Abby, and I went to David's Bridal to get Brandie's wedding dress altered and try on my bridesmaid dress. I'm so excited for wedding!! Then we got pedicures :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

lake tahoe

On Friday, Matt and I drove up to Lake Tahoe and spent a few hours at Sand Harbor. We got there around 11:00 and it was sooo peaceful and beautiful. There was actually only one other person there when we first arrived, but other people trickled in later. We spent our time swimming in the lake, basking in the sun, and climbing the rocks. I've figured out that I'm not really good at skipping rocks...which is a shame, because it's a lot of fun. Matt swam to the boulders and cannon-balled off of them. When we got hungry, we left for T's Mesquite Rotisserie, which I could spend the rest of my life eating. BEST BURRITOS EVER :)

little girl stalking squirrel

road trip

On Thursday, we roadtripped from Sunnyvale, CA to Reno,'s only a 4 hour trip, but it counts as a road trip to us. We left around 11:30 and got to Reno around 4 cus there was a little bit of traffic due to construction. Anyways, on our drive, we accidentally passed the state capital, Sacramento, and we found the Secret Road. We drove by Donner Lake, where the infamous Donner family devoured themselves. Personally, we prefer McDonalds...chicken nuggets are God's gift to the world :)

When we got to Reno, we hung out with Matt's parents and feasted on Qdoba burritos and later, we got some chicken wings at Flowing Tide Pub and Grill with Matt's brother, Brian, and his fiance Brandie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stop forrest stop

So we've had quite a day, starting off with chauffeuring my brother to and from school, shopping, mongolian bbq and watching Gone in 60 Seconds. We even shopped at Toys'R'us with my friend Andrew because he forgot to buy his 7-year old cousin a present (he finally got him a Nerf gun worth a whopping $60...i know, a little ridiculous, but it did look like fun and shoots out 3 nerf darts per second). But nothing was as exciting as Bubba Gump...from the movie Forrest Gump.

Matt, Margaret, Amber and Andrew have officially had dinner at Bubba Gump....and boy was the food AMAZING. The experience was soooo worth it!! We learned that Forrest is from Greenbow, Alabama, his favorite soda is Dr. Pepper, and his favorite sports were football, ping pong, and running. Bubba Gump is quite the experience if you love Forrest Gump. The atmosphere is so fun and the decor is awesome (and filled with Forrest references). They even have a sign that says "Stop, Forrest, Stop" for when we needed to signal our waiter. The waiters are super nice and they asked us a bunch of movie trivia (hence all the random facts we now know). The food is AWESOME. I must say, these two days, have been pretty horrible for my body, considering the amount of fried foods we have consumed lately. We started off with hush puppies, followed by our main courses, consisting of 2 shrimp heavens, shrimp tacos, and mahi mahi. The hush puppies were a little overpriced, but the entrees were fantastic!! We loveeee shrimp heavens!

When we finished eating, we walked around Pier 39 and tried on funny hats, checked out the left-handed store, and loaded up on cookies from Mrs. Fields and chocolate from Chocolate Heaven. Amber and I really were in heaven at the chocolate store, and managed to walk away with a quarter of a pound of chocolate (which is really only 5 pieces, but it sounds like a lot). This was one of my favorite nights ever and we can't wait to go back to Bubba Gump!

Oh yeah, when we were at Toys'R'us, Matt played the claw machine and tried to win me a stuffed animal, but we didn't get anything, so we'll keep it uncrossed on our list for now...


i told him he should have bought it.


trying to win something from the claw machine


the view from our table....yup that's alcatraz.

one of these things is not like the other ones.


we love the g-babies!

We finally went to a baseball game this at&t park! last night, we saw the giants smash the rockies 10-2 (though tulowitzki did get a homer....did you know he's from sunnyvale!!). barry zito had quite the night! we actually missed the first inning because we took the caltrain (which i don't recommend on game day unless you can get there early), but the other 8 innings were awesome! i swear i've never eaten that much food in my life, we got a hot dog, nachos, kettle corn, garlic fries, and a huge diet coke (in a lincecum collector's cup). AND i got to go down the slide in the kiddie area. we had so much fun and we can't wait to go again. matt personally thinks at&t park is the greatest place on earth!! i would say it's at least top 5, plus it's in san francisco, and who doesn't love sf?

anyways, the giants are only 2 and a half games back, so if they win tonight, it'll be HUGE. good luck matt cain :)

we're also tagging this one as the best date ever :) that way we can cross off two things on our list. and get ready for reno, nv, because we have big plans to get a lot of things crossed off!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

team taylor

i know this has absolutely nothing to do with our blog, but i would just like to say kanye west is a jerk. congratulations taylor swift for winning your first vma!! and in case you missed it, check out kanye in his moment of shame.

sorry i came back from the hiatus just to reiterate how awesome taylor swift is.

ps matt is coming to visit me tomorrow :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

be right back.

i know we've been doing a poor job of updating our blog about our lives, but this time, we have a legitimate reason. we're taking a blogging hiatus for about a week. it's because matt and i are in two different cities right now (me in sunnyvale and him in san diego), so i don't think we'll accomplish anything from our list, seeing as how we have to do it together. but matt will be here on tuesday, and we have plenty planned for then, so be patient. later on in the week, we're going to reno, and we plan on getting as much done on this list as possible!! so anyways, toodles.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

few more checks off the list

hello everyone, this is the other half of the M & M project. margaret is away on a sorority retreat so i thought i would do the writing this time. our last adventure ended with her and i surfing and since then we have crossed off quite a few more things on our list. margaret was just recently employed at Geppetto's Toy Store and starts on the 23rd of this month. how exciting is it to know that youre girlfriend can now get you discounts on all the coolest and latest toys (not like i still play with toys anymore *cough legos *cough) anyway she will now be a working citizen!

i on the other hand am spending money rather than saving it. i just recently bought myself a surfboard from craigslist and not day has gone by where i haven't wanted to go. my job seems to be getting in the way of me successfully going each day so maybe ill ponder a career change, hmmmm. the same day i got my surfboard margaret and i went for a hike in torrey pines. we took a road that lead us to the top of one of the cliffs overlooking the pacific ocean and man let me tell you, she was beautiful....and the ocean looked good too :)

so thats our update for now and many more items will be crossed off our list in the near future. im already planning a road trip up to see margaret in the bay area and were going to hit up a Giants game baby! playoff runs can be pretty stressful. now i must get back to my drawings as i have a couple portfolios due next week along with a final exam. as soon as marg returns ill have her post all the pictures.

p.s. i will also be posting some more of my most recent studio work where i was assigned to design a student housing apartment complex. full model and final drawings will be posted and any feedback on what you think would be awesome!