Tuesday, September 8, 2009

few more checks off the list

hello everyone, this is the other half of the M & M project. margaret is away on a sorority retreat so i thought i would do the writing this time. our last adventure ended with her and i surfing and since then we have crossed off quite a few more things on our list. margaret was just recently employed at Geppetto's Toy Store and starts on the 23rd of this month. how exciting is it to know that youre girlfriend can now get you discounts on all the coolest and latest toys (not like i still play with toys anymore *cough legos *cough) anyway she will now be a working citizen!

i on the other hand am spending money rather than saving it. i just recently bought myself a surfboard from craigslist and not day has gone by where i haven't wanted to go. my job seems to be getting in the way of me successfully going each day so maybe ill ponder a career change, hmmmm. the same day i got my surfboard margaret and i went for a hike in torrey pines. we took a road that lead us to the top of one of the cliffs overlooking the pacific ocean and man let me tell you, she was beautiful....and the ocean looked good too :)

so thats our update for now and many more items will be crossed off our list in the near future. im already planning a road trip up to see margaret in the bay area and were going to hit up a Giants game baby! playoff runs can be pretty stressful. now i must get back to my drawings as i have a couple portfolios due next week along with a final exam. as soon as marg returns ill have her post all the pictures.

p.s. i will also be posting some more of my most recent studio work where i was assigned to design a student housing apartment complex. full model and final drawings will be posted and any feedback on what you think would be awesome!

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