Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sacramento Date

Wow I know it's been almost a month since we blogged. I think I should probably cross blogger off my resume and life description (ok to be truthful, it's not on either of those things). Weirdly enough we have so much to blog about, but it's been feeling kind of chore-ish to blog lately (I think I kind of lost my blog sparkle). Anyways back to the point...last night Matt and I had a date night in Sacramento (long story short, his sister Abby graduated from high school and he was in Reno Wed-Sat and since he was only there until Sat, it was too much work for me to drive all the way to Reno, especially since I've been so swamped at work and I couldn't take time we decided to meet up in Sac). Embarrassingly enough, even though Sacramento is our state capitol, I've only been there once (for a cheer competition I think) so we did a lot of Googling about what to do on a Friday night). We started off by meeting up for All-You-Can-Eat sushi (because it's my favorite thing to do in Reno and I wasn't gonna be in Reno) at Raku Sushi in West Sac. Definitely not as good as the sushi at Jazmin in Reno but definitely fulfilled my sushi craving. Our plan was to catch a drive-in movie but that wasn't until 8:45 so we figured we would kill some time by walking around Ikea (I know we are complete weirdos) and grabbing a drink at a bar we found on Yelp (it had 4.5 stars!) in downtown Sac called Pre-Flite Lounge. This place is such a major hole in the wall (or to be more PC a hole in the mall) but it just had a great vibe -- live band, great margarita, super friendly bartenders (both of them introduced themselves to us and remembered our names and asked us to come back), plus they had hilarious signs on the wall (they believe in the Bobbit theory...if you get too drunk, they cut you off). If you ever stop in Sacramento, Russ makes a mean margarita. Afterwards, we headed off to see Snow White & the Huntsman (yes Kristen Stewart is the worst actress known to man, but Charlize Theron kills it and makes the movie awesome). I've never been to a drive-in movie before, but it is actually a really neat experience. Matt brought Burbara (his Suburban) so we camped out in the back seat with lots of blankets, pillows, and candy. What's even cooler is that it is half the price of a regular movie AND you get two movies for the price of one (so really it's like a quarter of the price). We only stayed for the first movie because the second movie (Battleship) started at 12:00 which means we would be driving home at 2am. We thought about parking Burbara somewhere in Sacramento and just sleeping in the car, but seeing as how neither of us were familiar with Sacramento, we didn't know where to park to avoid being mugged or arrested. We ended up driving home around 1, which was completely exhausting. By the time I got home and in bed, I had been awake for 22 hours straight. But you know what? It was completely worth it. This was one of the best dates we've ever had in my opinion. Even though we only spent about 8 hours together (after a full work day for me), it was well worth the 5.5 hour drive (yes I was in traffic for 3.5 hours on my way to Sac) and being exhausted. It also made me realize that our relationship is so important to me and I love that both of us are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. Love you Matt.

The only bad thing about the trip is that we forgot to take a lot of pictures!!! But we took a couple...and as you can see, some of them are more entertaining than others. I got bored waiting in line in our cars at the drive-in, so I texted funny pictures to Matt. Yes I am a grown up...I think.