Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Fun Time

After settling into my first full week of work, and Margaret continuing to get to used to the new system at her office, we were in need of a really fun weekend.  Family comes to the rescue!  My mom, dad, and Abby came over to SF along with Abby's friends Matt, Ryan, and Marissa.  Despite having very long drawn out text message conversations about every detail of the trip, we were really excited for them to cruise over to the Bay Area.

The Fam got in on Friday morning to their hotel and did their thing until both Margaret and I were off of work when we met up at Shoreline Amphitheater for the Brad Paisley concert.  Brad also played with The Band Perry and Easton Corbin, and it was a GREAT show!  We had lawn seats so we had the luxury of experiencing the s#%$ show that was every teenager/20 something year old being drunk and sloppy while not paying attention to anything but their phones and getting more beer.  However, this was not unexpected so we were able to laugh about it and, to be honest, I think it made the concert more memorable in a way since we had a good laugh at it.

On Saturday, I met up with my parents and the gang in SF to watch the Giants get slaughtered by the hated rival Dodgers, and Margaret luckily saved herself the agony by staying home and being productive.  We had really nice seats in the third level directly behind home plate where we could see EVERYTHING going on in the game and in the cove.  Despite the score, we had a lot of fun at the ballpark and enjoyed the great weather.  

Margaret trained up to the city to meet us for dinner, where we were headed for Bubba Gump's on Pier 39!!  While she made her way up on the train, Abby and the other munchkins walked to Chinatown to be tourists.  However, I still love Chinatown and I'm not longer a tourist...well sort of.  Anyway, the four of us walked to the car where we needed to locate the nearest gas station because the Yukon had an estimated 30 miles until empty and momma was not feeling comfortable about that whatsoever.  We ended up finding a Shell station down the road so we were all good and on our way to the pier. 

To be honest, both Margaret and I had our reservations about going to Bubba Gump's because we felt that it was simply an expensive tourist trap rather than a high quality restaurant.  We were sooooo wrong!!  The food was amazing!!  Our server was probably the best I have ever had as a restaurant patron, and for once I was stuffed after having a non-sushi-seafood dinner.  Every dish we got was tasty and flavorful and exactly what we wanted!

After dinner, the folks dropped Margaret and I off at the train station and we said our goodbyes...well until we see them Thursday night (we are traveling back to Reno for Meaghan Callahan's wedding!).  We purchased our tickets and boarded the train only to find out that there was apparently a car on the tracks causing over an hour delay.  We got impatient quickly and departed the train station and made our way to a place called Basic Bar to grab a drink and wait it out.  The bar was the perfect setting because we just wanted to grab a drink and be able to relax and not have loud music/people all around us.  They had a tv showing Twitter Tweets from locals about sports and other events and it was this moment that I decided to cave in and make a Twitter account (@doseofevy 13).  The deciding factor was being able to follow the trade deadline talks and that has proven to be an awesome thing because the Giants managed to trade for Hunter Pence!  We are very excited in SF Nation to see how he plays!  

We were mad at Caltrain

And after you're mad, you get bored

This is us...bored.

To sum things up, we had a WONDERFUL weekend full of fun events and memorable experiences.  These weekends make me miss my family a lot, but a 4 hour car drive is not too bad so that is always a good option to see them more often!

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