Friday, January 27, 2012

this song will probably be our first dance song

even though we are hundreds (of thousands of thousands) of miles away from each other, 
at the end of the day....
we got us.

ps i meant eventually. don't get your hopes up

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Matt and the Munchkin

Last last weekend, Matt and I hung out with my good friend, Marie and her son, Landon. Marie and I used to love going to the farmer's market, so on that beautiful (but chilly) Saturday morning, we decided to grab some coffee and walk around the farmer's market. It was Matt's second time ever hanging out with them, so of course Landon was kind of shy. But within 20 minutes, the four of us were running around the farmer's market acting like idiots, especially Matt and Landon. It was nice because I got to catch up with Marie, and Matt had fun because he was able to act like a kid (mind you, Landon is only one and a half, so I guess Matt was acting more like a toddler). We were able to sample lots of fruits (and lots of real food too, the hummus man is my fave!!). I think it must be because it's winter time, but the fruit didn't taste as spectacular as I remember. But we did score a free samosa (I bought two and the lady threw in an extra one for free!).

After we decided that we had had enough of the farmer's market (aka all the vendors started giving us mean looks for trying to snag more of their samples), we decided to head to Target, because no one loves Target more than Marie and I (and apparently Landon). This kid love the place. Marie had to ask him multiple times to get up and stop trying to lick the floor. Funniest thing ever. Plus we spent at least 20 minutes in the toy section. I could hear Matt mimicking Landon's babbling from 4 aisles away. Those two are probably going to be best buds some day.

I think the real plus was Landon opening his present at the end of the morning. What an excited kid he was!!

After hanging out with Marie and Landon, we grabbed some Philz Coffee (best coffee in the entire freaking world) with Brandon (Matt's brother) and his wife, Caitlin, and walked around downtown San Jose. What a great way to spend our last morning of 2011. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Margaret found a Groupon to attend the Winter Wonderland "festival" and we were very excited to check it out.  It took place in the parking lot of the Great America theme park and had a very cool carnival type feel to it.

It is basically a bunch of neat light fixtures set up and everyone walks around and takes photos.  Of course it would just be LAME for us to take simple photos with the lights.  So as you will see below we definitely took the fun to whole other level:  by impersonating many of the fixtures!

I don't know if we will do it again because it seems to be definitely geared towards a younger audience, but nonetheless, we had a BLAST!!  Enjoy.


One of our only normal photos haha

Rowing the Boat




I idiot

Angry pig!

Failed attempt at "lifting" the bridge

Gooooooooo Niners

I so fat!

Peacock!....and cokes

Best looking fixture in my opinion

Jack Frost

Creepy (my face) Moon

"I have such a big body, and tiny little arms!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Redeemer City Church

Last night, we were part of something magical. We were part of a celebration, one celebrating the opening of a new church, Redeemer City Church. It was something that we were a part of last summer, we were there when this church met at the Wagners on Friday nights with 8 people and now this is a full fledged church meeting on Sunday night in San Francisco with over 50 people. It is incredible to see this happen, and I can definitely see God here with us.

Part of my new years resolution is to be a part of this, this church with these amazing wonderful people and this awesome God. And I have every intention of keeping this resolution. Though it's hard to go without Matt, I am just hoping I have the strength to keep going on my own. It's not that I can't do it, or I don't want to do it, but I guess as stupid as this sounds, these people and this church know us, Matt and Margaret. And now I think it's time for them to get to know me. It's just weird because these people are our "couple friends." All our other friends, they knew me and now they know Matt, or they knew Matt and now they know me. But these people, they know us. So it's hard to be there without Matt, but I have faith that (hopefully) they will still like me even when he's in San Diego!

We are so glad you are now here, Redeemer City Church, and we cannot wait to watch you flourish in this beautiful city we know and love, San Francisco.