Monday, February 15, 2010


Matt stole these sunglasses from his dad... They're from the 70s haha

Sorry your son is a klepto Jerry.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

the deep end

So Matt and I have been watching a new show called the Deep End, and I absolutely adore it, especially the cute Australian guy who writes a poem to convince a girl he loves her. Check it out :)

And here's the case you want it word-for-word.

"Where I come from, the water swirls the wrong way down the loo.
The men are brave & seldom shave…the women never do.
From this strange & sun-scorched land, I so journ’ to LA
Strangers still, I meet a girl, who takes my breath away.
& Instantly I know she’s worth each risk that lies ahead,
A calm & comfort coming to my frightened, foreign bed.
I’m full of pain & full of faults, we know this to be true.
But all that’s brute & odd in me, is redeemed in you."