Thursday, February 16, 2012


This post is completely random, but I was going through photos on my camera and saw these two and it reminded me of one of the funnest and cheesiest moments Margaret and I have had together.

We  were in Sunnyvale over my winter break and were trying to find something to do.  We went to Target because that seems to be our go-to place if we have nothing to do haha.  The trip was short, so we sat in the car and talked about what we could do next.  We ended up reclining our chairs and taking a nap with the sunroof the Target parking lot!!  We laughed about it pretty hard when we finally left, but it's these kinds of moments where you can make the most of such a simple situation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

I feel like I have this endless affinity for love. I just love love. And I love holidays that celebrate love, even if they are completely over commercialized and make half the population want to either a) throw up everywhere, b) drink themselves into a coma, or c) sleep through the entire 24 hours (plus the 12 preceding and following) of v-day. But regardless, I don't care, because I love holidays and I especially love holidays filled with pink, hearts, and chocolate. I know I'm biased because I am in love but I can't help it. Plus Matt always gives me the best v-day cards :)

This year was a little bit of a downer, because we didn't get to spend actual Valentine's day together (hence why I am blogging while zillions of other lovey-dovey couples spend tons of money on overpriced romantic dinners and flowers). Actually, today was pretty awesome. I got chocolate, a Starbucks card, and Sprinkles at work, so I really shouldn't complain. Plus I got went on a great date with five of the coolest girls I know (thanks for making sure I wasn't feeling lonely guys....) and even got to sake bomb (they know the way to my heart). So overall, not the BEST valentine's day I've ever had, but definitely top 5 (Matt and I have only had 4 v-days together!!!).

Our actual Valentine's Day date was on Sunday night (well really I guess it was the whole weekend, because I flew down to spend it with my guy). So I guess I should tell you about my weekend... I got in really late on Friday night (it's not really worth saving $50 on a later-evening flight, because the anticipation was killing me!!) so Friday night was kind of a bust. But I got to hang out with Matt, so The next morning, we started off the day right with breakfast burritos from Fresh MXN; I swear if I could have a burrito soulmate, this would be it. This boy really knows how to make me smile. We spent most of Saturday hanging out with my best friend Amber and her new friend Ian (if you ever read this Ian, we are a huge fan). Let's just say we made up for lost time by hitting up 3 of SD's best breweries and catching up. Amber and I used to have ambermargaret days in high school, where our parents would call us in sick from school and we would spend the entire day watching movies, going to starbucks, and baking (yes our parents are awesome and yes we are awesome). This was like grown-up ambermargaret day with requested time off from work plus boys. Plus they even stuck around and went downtown with us. I gotta say, La Puerta is where it's at...we love this bar, especially when Matt's friend is working and offers us free tequila shots. Who could ever turn down free tequila? Overall, a great night with friends :)

On Sunday, Matt and I went to lunch with his roommate and pretty much spent the day in bed watching movies in his "cave" (which is actually just Matt's room with a blanket over the window). We watched 3!!!! movies that day. We did managed to squeeze in showers and got fancy for our Valentine's day date. He took me to this adorable Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita. This place was so cute, very intimate and romantic and perfect for a regular date night or a off-day V-day. We loved it. Plus I'm pretty sure the waiters were ACTUALLY italian (surprise surprise).  Of course, Matt's dinner was better than mine (which it always is) but I am lucky enough that he always shares with me! We topped off our night by watching The Vow (Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum). You know how I know I'm a lucky girl? Because even though Matt thinks Channing Tatum is the worst actor in the entire world (who is completely void of dramatic acting abilities), this loving boyfriend let me pick the movie! He actually even remotely enjoyed it...I think. I couldn't have asked for a better V-day, or a better boyfriend (ever). He is simply the best. PS if you were wondering, we also watched Contagion and the Joneses.

I don't think we actually took a picture together on Valentine's Day :(

On Monday, he had to go to class, so I slept in (of course). Then he picked me up and we went to breakfast at The Mission; we'd never been there before, but this place totally blew my mind. I had this awesome tortilla-egg-potato-green sauce thing and it was incredible. For some odd reason, I seem to have a passion for mexican breakfasts. Matt got blueberry pancakes....sometimes I wonder if we could be more different. The food was delicious and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a place for breakfast in San Diego (they have three locations). Afterwards, we decided to go for a nice bike ride along Mission Beach because it was beautiful outside (and because bike rentals were only $5/hour). Weirdly enough, a few hours after our bike ride, it started pouring. We finished off my last few hours in San Diego by going to Basic Pizza with some friends for happy hour and going to Extraordinary Desserts (for V-day part 2!) Nothing quite says Valentine's Day like paying $15 for a piece of chocolate cake. But so incredibly worth it. Plus we had a "gift certificate" for $20 bucks to Extraordinary Desserts from Matt's parents (as part of my graduation present that we finally put to good use). Yay!! Did I mention I love chocolate?

1 pm, followed by 3pm. the difference of two hours..

Anyways, I got kind of sniffly (and by that I mean I was bawling) when Matt finally dropped me off. Even though we spent lots of time together for our V-day, it still kind of sucks that we weren't together, when everyone else in the world is out there celebrating being in love and being with the one they love. But on the bright side, at least I had some great friends on my side.

i love you matt ♥

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Photo a Day - Matt

Day 1:  My view = work alllllll day

Day 2:  Words

Day 3:  Hands

Day 4:  A stranger (I pushed this one off till late into the night so I took a moving shot of my neighbor haha)

Day 5:  10 o'clock (I missed it by 32 minutes)

Day 6:  Dinner ( I ate the food so fast that I forgot to take a photo)

Day 7:  Button

Day 8:  Sun

Day 9:  Front door (My house has an ugly one!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 1 - February Photo a Day

For the month of february, there's this thing going around on twitter/instagram called the February Photo a Day challenge. Matt and I decided that we wanted to participate, so here is our first week (plus 1 day) of our photos each day.
The Challenge
Day 1: My View (it's work)
Day 2: Words
Day 3: Hands
Day 4: A stranger
Day 5: 10am (the pancake machine)
Day 6: Dinner (actually this was my lunch but still)
Day 7: Buttons (I had to sew a button on before work)
Day 8: The Sun

Stay tuned for Matt's contributions