Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 more days....

until I get to see this.
I'm definitely talking about this fish....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the easter bunny has arrived

This is my friend Marie's baby boy, Landon. He is my favorite almost one year old. I LOOOVEEEE HIM!!! And I bet you will too....

How cute is this kid?!?

Hoppy Easter. God is good.

another countdown

countdown to see this dorky girl and her love of messy foods and those chicken wings.......5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am visiting Matt on Friday...weeeeeeeeeeeee

Countdown to San Diego (and this ridiculously goofy looking guy and that Sprinkles cupcake location): 6 days

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movies List

I think I promised you guys a list of movies that Matt and I watched during the two weeks of his break. Well get ready to be impresssedd. Because honestly....I am. This is a lot of time clocked in with the dvd player! Plus these are some really really really good movies :)


the next 3 days - I am a big fan of elizabeth banks and russell crowe in this movie. I know as a law-abiding citizen, i shouldn't condone breaking out of jail. But realistically this movie is soooo kickbutt that it's hard to not be on their side. 

morning glory - I LOVE rachel mcadams (i think she's my favorite actress) and this movie is such a feel-good movie. Sure harrison ford is a grump (and i really don't like diane keaton), but rachel nails this movie. Definitely a cute movie.

the fighter - Matt liked this movie a lot. and i can see why christian bale won the oscar for this movie. his transformation is phenomenal. This movie isn't really my style (maybe because it takes place in boston and i hate the celtics?) but it was decent. Plus i like marky mark and amy adams (another favorite actress).

takers - I don't care what Matt and Bas say. I loved takers. Mainly because chris brown is in it (and I am soooooo team chris brown). Actually that's not even true. I loved takers because of Paul Walker. Let's be serious. He is beauttifuulll (and we picked him as Matt's doppleganger). I think overall, this situation is win-win!!

no strings attached - Such a cute movie! We loved it. My favorite part is when ashton is like "No wonder you never want to get breakfast together. You eat like a baby dinosaur." And matt turns to me and goes "YOU EAT LIKE A BABY DINOSAUR!" Thanks babe. Anyways, the movie is so cute. I mean ashton makes natalie a "period mix." Impressive.

the lincoln lawyer - For once in my life, I saw the movie before reading the book. And I am so impressed. Matthew McCounnaughy (or however you spell his name) nails the part. He is so good. And I just recently read another book by Michael Connelly called The Reversal and it is based on the same character as the Lincoln Lawyer. I am now a huge fan of Michael Connelly. But really, great movie.

127 hours - I am shocked that james franco cut off his arm and didn't win an oscar. Tough crowd. This movie is sooooo loopy and crazy and intense. I couldn't watch him cut off his arm, but matt said it was gruesome. Not for the faint of heart (or the weak of stomach either). But overall, interesting movie. Again, not my style.

love and other drugs - Cute movie. A lot of nudity (be warned). I love Jake gyllenhaal. It's also about the rise of viagra, so be prepared before you watch the movie. Overall, cute stuff. Anne hathaway was a little too indie for me, so I was too distracted by her ugly hair the whole movie.

megamind - Funny movie. Very cute. Good for kids and adults.

source code - Again, I love Jake. And I also love michelle monaghan. Interesting twist, but a good overall thriller. I liked it a lot. It really makes you think.

limitless - Bradley Cooper's first headlining movie. Success. Such a trippy concept. Can you imagine a pill that could let you access 100% of your brain. He was soooo brilliant. And the movie is really incredible. Huge fan.

I'd say considering how many movies we watched, this was a huge success. There really wasn't a movie I regret watching so overall, I'd say this was time well wasted :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spring break twenty eleven!

alright so Im not nearly as good about blogging as margaret is but I will try to contribute as much as I can anyway.  she covered all the way to thursday so I get to take it from here!

basim came into town friday night to hang out with us which was really cool.  he was kind of going through a rough time as he just got out of a 2 1/2 year long relationship so he needed a little M  & M time to help cheer him up.  we picked him up at the airport and immediately went to downtown San Jose to watch the Giants game.  although they lost, we still had a blast watching the game and we got to experience it at a really cool restaurant called San Jose Bar and Grill.  margaret talked a lot about this place and it definitely lived up to the hype.

saturday consisted of one major thing:  BEER!  we all went into Oakland for a beerfest that was one of the best experiences in recent memory.  we payed $8 and got to taste/chug as much beer as we wanted for about 3 hours.  stands included Guinness, Anchor Steam, Black Pond, and many many more.  needless to say, we were feeling pretty good the rest of the day but when it came time to go home we were exhausted.  we were really glad we took BART, not only to be safe, but because we got to pass out the entire way home haha

baz and I headed home on sunday so that he would be home for school and I could get to see the Evan's family. being home was awesome for me, but since this is the matt + margaret project, ill leave out my reno adventures. to sum it all up, though, I did a lot of relaxing and got to see all of the people I wanted to see while I was home, which was a very important thing for me.

coming back over to San Jose the following thursday was a little different for one main reason:  I had Abby with me!  she came along for part of her spring break and I must say that it was a really good thing she did because I got to bond with her a lot while we were together.  it's been really cool to see her grow as a person over the years and I can't wait to see the things that she will accomplish in her life.

anyway, the remainder of our time in San Jose consisted of going to the Nickel arcade, BowlMore (some more!), getting donuts/coffee, and watching movies.  all in all, it was another really good time.  I know this is a much shorter post than margaret usually posts (she has A LOT to say haha), but it was very enjoyable for me to write this because in the midst of the stress of school it's nice to relive some of my relaxing break.  it definitely put me at ease.

typically bowling form

dont want to see this movie

very modest for Facebook, dont you think?


the amazing fish above the door was acquired at our
famous beer festival in Oakland
so, look forward to more posts and future adventures as margaret is coming down to SD to see me for our anniversary and my very mature 22 year birthday.  it should be a really fun time filled with plenty of excitement!

Monday, April 18, 2011

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.

I want to watch the notebook. Best movie ever.

it will happen

this is a promise that I will actually keep to my beautiful girlfriend.

I promise to:  UPDATE THE BLOG TOMORROW NIGHT NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!  It will be the first thing I do when I get home.  If it doesn't happen....Margaret, I owe you a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes

The end

Friday, April 15, 2011


Well....Matt PROMISED to blog about the rest of our trip (so we are going to hope he keeps his promise). I have much more important news to discuss. In 15 days, Matt and I will have been officially going out for THREE YEARS. It feels so surreal to think about that. I can still remember all the firsts.

The first date: watching Hostel 2 at my on-campus apartment....guess who's idea that was? NOT MINE. But the poor kid ran all the way to blockbuster to get the movie so who could complain.

The first kiss: Also, at my apartment while watching Hostel.

The first planned date: We went to dinner at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and then saw The Strangers (at a real movie theater). And then Matt thought it would be a great idea to go have a beach bonfire (which in reality it is, except after you see a scary movie). I almost peed my pants waiting in the dark for him to run back to the car to grab a blanket.

His first birthday: Of course he had to have a birthday a week after we started dating. So what do you get a guy who you are just starting to date? Because you don't want to overdo it and get him a big present and have him take it the wrong way. But you don't want to not get him a present and make him think you don't care. Well what's better than Guinness?

First fight. First giants game together. First time meeting the parents. First thanksgiving with just the two of us. First one year anniversary. First valentine's day.

Those are just a couple of our firsts. I mean imagine how many more firsts there are to conquer. Like first sky diving trip, or first time holding hands in a foreign country, or first christmas (actually spent together), or first apartment together. You know, after I really put things into perspective, realistically, we still have so many firsts to go. And you know, just to get a little mushy on you, I know that there is no one else I would rather be doing all this stuff with. Matt, I can't wait to see you in two weeks to celebrate our first three year anniversary :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matt's Trip to Sunnyvale: Part 2

Of course, I promised to talk about the rest of our week....and I am only like 5 days behind. Well let's get to it!! I think I left off on Monday. Monday was probably Matt's favorite day of the week...because we went bowling!!!!!!!!! And not just any bowling....unlimited bowling from 9pm-1am for $16 :) :) :) (Don't worry, not much happened earlier that day. I went to work Matt worked on his resume and then we went shopping and didn't buy anything). Anyways, bowling at Bowlmor Lanes is the definitely worth it if you go on Monday nights (not worth it on Saturday's like $20 for half an hour/lane). We met up with David, Jon, and Ping (who decided not to bowl and just eat chicken tenders). AND GET THIS: I WON THE FIRST ROUND. I, MARGARET LUO, WHO NEVER SCORES ABOVE 100 POINTS SCORED OVER 100 POINTS BEATING ALL THE BOYS. Bowlmor lanes really seems to like me (I beat the boys in basketball Saturday night too remember?). Of course, every round after that I didn't even get close to scoring 100, but towards the last few games, we started messing around...bowling in between our legs backwards, granny style, using the bowling-assisting thing. It was actually a lot more fun when you try to bowl poorly. I definitely recommend it if you have unlimited bowling. And at Bowlmor, they randomize the colored pins and if your front pin randomly is white, and you call the server over, AND YOU BOWL A STRIKE, you get a free drink or game. We had the white pin at least 6 times, and only won two free drinks. I guess it reflects on how we bowl as a group. Can you tell I love Bowlmor? I'm pretty much a walking, talking, blogging advertisement for them :)

You can't see the score, but I totally won that round!

On Tuesday, I went to work again and Matt worked on his resume again (you will understand why very soon). When I got home, we decided to put my crockpot to good use. We made this ham and potato dish and it was awesome. Super easy and super fast (I actually cooked it for 3.5 hours like they suggested and it was overcooked....granted I practically halved the recipe, so that's probably my fault). Of course, what else would you do while your crock pot is cooking.....GO EAT? Ya, I didn't have lunch so I could have lunch with him, so I was starving when we decided to check out the taco tuesday place by my house, Little Michoacan. I don't know what Michoacan means (I would have asked the woman who worked there, but I think she only habla-ed espanol). This place is authentic mexican food. It's actually a nice change compared to Rubios. The tacos were yummy and only a dollar each. Definitely worth my money. And they have some really fun ones (like chile verde tacos). I'm a fan, but it doesn't beat shrimp tacos at world famous.

On Wednesday, we went to NAPA!!!!!!! Okay, so the reason Matt has been working on his resume (super hardcore) is because he had an interview with THE HOWARD BACKEN. If you don't know this guy, well I'm pretty sure Matt won't be friends with you anymore (so make sure you google him for the safety of your friendship). This guy is like the creme de la creme of architects. He's like the Michael Jordan of architects (well of the ones that are still alive). And it just so happens that his wife used to be Matt's mom's roommate in college (and Theta sisters). Well somehow, Matt ended up getting an interview/meet-and-greet with this guy, so of course we had to visit Napa (since he is based out of Napa). This guy is so good that he is thriving in this economy (he literally is turning down jobs because his firm is so busy). And his interview with Matt went so well. They seem to really hit it off (not that I was there...this is by word-of-mouth) and hopefully Matt can work for him this summer. Imagine Matty living in Napa. AMAZING. Anyways, we stopped for lunch at this cute cafe and grabbed some paninis. To tell you the truth, I should never order paninis because i am just never that impressed and I think it's because I don't like paninis...they are just kind of greasy and I honestly prefer a straight-up sandwich (as long as it's not from Subway). After Matt's meeting, we had to go wine tasting. His assistant recommended a couple places and we ended up picking The Franciscan. I ended up picking the Flight of Whites tasting...and I am really beginning to like wine (well white wine). I think my favorite one was the Fountain Court (it's half dessert that explains my infatuation). Matt tried a sampling of reds. We are hoping to some day become wine connoisseurs....but realistically it might take a while. O and I forgot to mention that while Matt was in his meeting, I got to explore the town of St. Helena (couple miles north of Napa). It's so QUAINT. I love it there. I also really love this olive oil shop they was so authentic. And I got to try a million different types of olive oil. I wanted to buy everything (and of course could afford absolutely nothing). But I am saving up my piggy bank for the next time we go up so I can get me some expensive olive oil (when did I become so domesticated?). After Napa, we were pooped, so we came home and watched some tv before meeting up with Vinitha for dinner. We went to a local favorite called Amarin, a thai restaurant. Afterwards, we met up with our friend Dylan at an irish pub called St. Stephen's Green. Of course, Matt and I ordered our customary Guinness'. Yum :)

train tracks by Backen Gillam & Kroeger

subpar paninis.

olive oil store that sells lavender!

we ♥ wine

THURSDAY was OPENING DAY for the WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!!! And as much as I want to tell you about that, it is going to have to wait for the next post!

PS. I am reading Jodi Picoult's new book Sing You Home. If anyone else is reading that, I would love your input on it. I can't decide if I love it (or even like it yet).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Favorite Song

Love this song! Makes me think of my honey bee (barf!). But really it is a cute song. It's definitely going to be a summer jam!!

Honey Bee - Blake Shelton

Matt's Visit to Sunnyvale: Part 1

In typical Matt and Margaret fashion, I always forget to update the blog when Matt is around. Blame it on him. Anyways, as you guys know, Matt arrived in Sunnyvale last Friday (well I guess that would be 2 fridays ago), exhausted, sleep-deprived but ready to party. It had been about 3 weeks since we had seen each other, so of course, I was ecstatic!!!! The poor kid finally arrived around 5....and we were thinking of having a low-key movie night. Instead, my friend Eric texted me about going to the Warriors game, so we decided...hey why not?? So we got together with our homies (Matt, me, Eric, Vinitha, David, and Lunani) and drove down to Oakland (don't worry, we had our bullet proof vests on ;) Of course, we picked the one night that all other major sporting events were going on....a couple of big NCAA march madness games (Ohio state went down that did the rest of my bracket) and the night the Lakers played the Clippers. This game was special because Pau Gasol pledged to doonate $1000 for every point he scored to benefit Japan. Of course, I took multiple extended bathroom breaks...because the bathrooms were right next to the bar....which had six TVs on various basketball games. Anyways, the Lakers ended up winning and so did the warriors. Actually the warriors killed the raptors (did I mention the score was in the 50s after the first quarter?....I thought I had read the scoreboard wrong?) It was fun and a great way to catch up with old friends (Eric was home from San Diego, and Lunani was home for 3 days before moving permanently to Japan). And it was a great way to start Matt's trip :)

The next day, we decided to make the best lunch ever...after we went to the farmers market in Sunnyvale. We picked up a loaf of rosemary bread and some apples and then stopped by the grocery store for the make grilled cheese sandwiches. But wait til you hear what we put in them....apples, bacon, cheese, ham. We went super gourmet. And they were delicious!! Then we watched movies at the house all day. I'm going to compile a list of movies we watched while he was here. You would be impressed....I was impressed (especially since I rarely ever rent movies). My mom wanted to take us to dinner, and Matt really loves hot pot-ting. For those of you who don't know, it's pretty much a process where you cook your own food in boiling soup. We went to this restaurant Hot Pot City, in Milpitas, a buffet-style hot-pot place where you pick your raw meats and veggies and then dunk em in the hot soup. If you've never done it before, you need to! I love restaurants where everything is a little more hands-on, like this one (and I've always wanted to try the La Jolla Strip House where you grill your own meat!). We had a blast! Afterwards, we met up with Eric and David and my so-RAWR-ity sistaaas Nicole and Alysa to grab some drinks at my favorite place, the bar at Bowlmor Lanes. This is really nerdy and strange, but my favorite place to grab a drink this area is actually the bar at this bowling alley. They have a full bar and maybe like 15 tvs. Great place to catch a sports game, especially if there's a Sharks game on because then it's happy hour! Alysa was actually home for spring break too, so it was great to catch up with her and see what was going on with Sigma Kappa (I miss you guys!!!!). Anyways, of course we had to play air hockey after grabbing some beers....because air hockey is maybe my new favorite thing ever. We also played some arcade basketball. You will all be so glad to hear that I beat Matt (7th grade basketball star), Eric (High school balla), and David (NCAA bball pointguard for Occidental). Yes you read that right. I beat them ALL!! Overall, I would say it was a completely WINNING night (for me especially!)

On Sunday, we started the day watching another movie. And then I decided we really needed to get out of the house. And randomly enough, we decided to go the Flea Market. I know, it's so random right? But we decided it would be fun. The San Jose Flea Market spans over 8 miles, so it gave us some exercise and some culture. We actually didn't end up buying anything (except for a fruit cup with a dash of spices....authentic Mexican style) but we walked around for over an hour. You can buy just about anything stereos, kids toys, belt buckles, power tools, couches, etc. It's really an interesting place. Also a place where speaking Spanish would benefit someone a'd be good for bargaining. I think we decided to go to Chili's that night for dinner because I had a coupon where if you buy one meal, you get your second entree for like 3 bucks (aren't you proud moms?) Anyways, Chilis and the Flea Market....what's not to love? Plus, later that night (because we are total fatasses), we went to Coldstones AND pinkberry. Matt won't settle for yogurt, and I could die eating pinkberry, so of course we had to go to both right? Afterwards, we stopped by my BFF amber's house to pick up my phone charger (cus I pretty much spent most of last week hanging out there) and chatted with her parents a little bit. Then we caught a showing of No Strings Attached, that Natalie Portman-Ashton Kutcher movie. We loved it. Our favorite lines from the movie are "You fight like a hamster" and "You eat like a baby dinosaur"...both of which Matt frequently now tells me at least once a day. Thank you Ashton. If you can't tell, we had a great weekend :)

More updates and pictures laterrrr....