Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movies List

I think I promised you guys a list of movies that Matt and I watched during the two weeks of his break. Well get ready to be impresssedd. Because honestly....I am. This is a lot of time clocked in with the dvd player! Plus these are some really really really good movies :)


the next 3 days - I am a big fan of elizabeth banks and russell crowe in this movie. I know as a law-abiding citizen, i shouldn't condone breaking out of jail. But realistically this movie is soooo kickbutt that it's hard to not be on their side. 

morning glory - I LOVE rachel mcadams (i think she's my favorite actress) and this movie is such a feel-good movie. Sure harrison ford is a grump (and i really don't like diane keaton), but rachel nails this movie. Definitely a cute movie.

the fighter - Matt liked this movie a lot. and i can see why christian bale won the oscar for this movie. his transformation is phenomenal. This movie isn't really my style (maybe because it takes place in boston and i hate the celtics?) but it was decent. Plus i like marky mark and amy adams (another favorite actress).

takers - I don't care what Matt and Bas say. I loved takers. Mainly because chris brown is in it (and I am soooooo team chris brown). Actually that's not even true. I loved takers because of Paul Walker. Let's be serious. He is beauttifuulll (and we picked him as Matt's doppleganger). I think overall, this situation is win-win!!

no strings attached - Such a cute movie! We loved it. My favorite part is when ashton is like "No wonder you never want to get breakfast together. You eat like a baby dinosaur." And matt turns to me and goes "YOU EAT LIKE A BABY DINOSAUR!" Thanks babe. Anyways, the movie is so cute. I mean ashton makes natalie a "period mix." Impressive.

the lincoln lawyer - For once in my life, I saw the movie before reading the book. And I am so impressed. Matthew McCounnaughy (or however you spell his name) nails the part. He is so good. And I just recently read another book by Michael Connelly called The Reversal and it is based on the same character as the Lincoln Lawyer. I am now a huge fan of Michael Connelly. But really, great movie.

127 hours - I am shocked that james franco cut off his arm and didn't win an oscar. Tough crowd. This movie is sooooo loopy and crazy and intense. I couldn't watch him cut off his arm, but matt said it was gruesome. Not for the faint of heart (or the weak of stomach either). But overall, interesting movie. Again, not my style.

love and other drugs - Cute movie. A lot of nudity (be warned). I love Jake gyllenhaal. It's also about the rise of viagra, so be prepared before you watch the movie. Overall, cute stuff. Anne hathaway was a little too indie for me, so I was too distracted by her ugly hair the whole movie.

megamind - Funny movie. Very cute. Good for kids and adults.

source code - Again, I love Jake. And I also love michelle monaghan. Interesting twist, but a good overall thriller. I liked it a lot. It really makes you think.

limitless - Bradley Cooper's first headlining movie. Success. Such a trippy concept. Can you imagine a pill that could let you access 100% of your brain. He was soooo brilliant. And the movie is really incredible. Huge fan.

I'd say considering how many movies we watched, this was a huge success. There really wasn't a movie I regret watching so overall, I'd say this was time well wasted :)

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