Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matt's Trip to Sunnyvale: Part 2

Of course, I promised to talk about the rest of our week....and I am only like 5 days behind. Well let's get to it!! I think I left off on Monday. Monday was probably Matt's favorite day of the week...because we went bowling!!!!!!!!! And not just any bowling....unlimited bowling from 9pm-1am for $16 :) :) :) (Don't worry, not much happened earlier that day. I went to work Matt worked on his resume and then we went shopping and didn't buy anything). Anyways, bowling at Bowlmor Lanes is the definitely worth it if you go on Monday nights (not worth it on Saturday's like $20 for half an hour/lane). We met up with David, Jon, and Ping (who decided not to bowl and just eat chicken tenders). AND GET THIS: I WON THE FIRST ROUND. I, MARGARET LUO, WHO NEVER SCORES ABOVE 100 POINTS SCORED OVER 100 POINTS BEATING ALL THE BOYS. Bowlmor lanes really seems to like me (I beat the boys in basketball Saturday night too remember?). Of course, every round after that I didn't even get close to scoring 100, but towards the last few games, we started messing around...bowling in between our legs backwards, granny style, using the bowling-assisting thing. It was actually a lot more fun when you try to bowl poorly. I definitely recommend it if you have unlimited bowling. And at Bowlmor, they randomize the colored pins and if your front pin randomly is white, and you call the server over, AND YOU BOWL A STRIKE, you get a free drink or game. We had the white pin at least 6 times, and only won two free drinks. I guess it reflects on how we bowl as a group. Can you tell I love Bowlmor? I'm pretty much a walking, talking, blogging advertisement for them :)

You can't see the score, but I totally won that round!

On Tuesday, I went to work again and Matt worked on his resume again (you will understand why very soon). When I got home, we decided to put my crockpot to good use. We made this ham and potato dish and it was awesome. Super easy and super fast (I actually cooked it for 3.5 hours like they suggested and it was overcooked....granted I practically halved the recipe, so that's probably my fault). Of course, what else would you do while your crock pot is cooking.....GO EAT? Ya, I didn't have lunch so I could have lunch with him, so I was starving when we decided to check out the taco tuesday place by my house, Little Michoacan. I don't know what Michoacan means (I would have asked the woman who worked there, but I think she only habla-ed espanol). This place is authentic mexican food. It's actually a nice change compared to Rubios. The tacos were yummy and only a dollar each. Definitely worth my money. And they have some really fun ones (like chile verde tacos). I'm a fan, but it doesn't beat shrimp tacos at world famous.

On Wednesday, we went to NAPA!!!!!!! Okay, so the reason Matt has been working on his resume (super hardcore) is because he had an interview with THE HOWARD BACKEN. If you don't know this guy, well I'm pretty sure Matt won't be friends with you anymore (so make sure you google him for the safety of your friendship). This guy is like the creme de la creme of architects. He's like the Michael Jordan of architects (well of the ones that are still alive). And it just so happens that his wife used to be Matt's mom's roommate in college (and Theta sisters). Well somehow, Matt ended up getting an interview/meet-and-greet with this guy, so of course we had to visit Napa (since he is based out of Napa). This guy is so good that he is thriving in this economy (he literally is turning down jobs because his firm is so busy). And his interview with Matt went so well. They seem to really hit it off (not that I was there...this is by word-of-mouth) and hopefully Matt can work for him this summer. Imagine Matty living in Napa. AMAZING. Anyways, we stopped for lunch at this cute cafe and grabbed some paninis. To tell you the truth, I should never order paninis because i am just never that impressed and I think it's because I don't like paninis...they are just kind of greasy and I honestly prefer a straight-up sandwich (as long as it's not from Subway). After Matt's meeting, we had to go wine tasting. His assistant recommended a couple places and we ended up picking The Franciscan. I ended up picking the Flight of Whites tasting...and I am really beginning to like wine (well white wine). I think my favorite one was the Fountain Court (it's half dessert that explains my infatuation). Matt tried a sampling of reds. We are hoping to some day become wine connoisseurs....but realistically it might take a while. O and I forgot to mention that while Matt was in his meeting, I got to explore the town of St. Helena (couple miles north of Napa). It's so QUAINT. I love it there. I also really love this olive oil shop they was so authentic. And I got to try a million different types of olive oil. I wanted to buy everything (and of course could afford absolutely nothing). But I am saving up my piggy bank for the next time we go up so I can get me some expensive olive oil (when did I become so domesticated?). After Napa, we were pooped, so we came home and watched some tv before meeting up with Vinitha for dinner. We went to a local favorite called Amarin, a thai restaurant. Afterwards, we met up with our friend Dylan at an irish pub called St. Stephen's Green. Of course, Matt and I ordered our customary Guinness'. Yum :)

train tracks by Backen Gillam & Kroeger

subpar paninis.

olive oil store that sells lavender!

we ♥ wine

THURSDAY was OPENING DAY for the WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!!! And as much as I want to tell you about that, it is going to have to wait for the next post!

PS. I am reading Jodi Picoult's new book Sing You Home. If anyone else is reading that, I would love your input on it. I can't decide if I love it (or even like it yet).

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