Wednesday, December 30, 2009

matt is on his way

matt and jeremy and steve will be in sunnyvale in T-minus 45 minutes :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

For all you avid followers...

Merry Christmas and Happy birthday Baby Jesus!

and as much as i love red and green on christmas,
i hope the red (the cavaliers) and the green (the celtics) lose.
go lakers :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am currently sitting at the San Diego airport about to fly home. Matt just dropped me off and started his 9 hour drive. He just finished finals and I already got my grades. 3.9 this quarter :) anyways we are so excited to go home and we wanna wish everyone a merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Countdown to christmas!

Christmas is in 10 DAYS!! Yay I'm so excited to go home :)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pulled pork yumminess

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Tonight, i made pulled pork sandwiches. I literally followed the recipe step by step and it was amazing. I used famous dave's bbq sauce and it was wonderful :) I highly recommend it.

I loveeee the crock pot.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas came early

Today I upgraded my phone. Now I have a beautiful white iPhone. Life is good :) this also means no christmas present from dad but that's okay. I'm also officially done with finals so one week of geppettos and hello winter break. See you soon Sunnyvale and Reno :)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

things i would rather be doing than taking this final at 3

1. sleeping
2. crock pot-ting
3. going to target
4. getting my new blackberry!!!!!
5. baking cookies
6. watching grass grow
7. staring at clouds
8. cleaning my room

Sunday, December 6, 2009

blind side beats new moon

both the blind side and new moon were released on nov 20, and after finishing second two weeks in a row to new moon, blind side took over this weekend (20 million dollars in its third week). i've seen both already, and both are equally amazing :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


margaret and matt are at the library, so don't expect much from us this week :(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sigma kappa holiday party

tonight was the sigma kappa holiday party (with our alumnae). we had a cookie contest and an ornament exchange and it was a blast. i made matt's mom's "peanut butter cookies from heaven" and they are probably the best cookies i've ever had. it's like a reese's peanut butter cup, with a crunch :) they're perfect. jessica and i also made peppermint meltaways, which were also yummy.

we played the version of the ornament exchange where you can "steal" other people's ornaments. i stole for a really cute santa clause one. i'll post a picture later.

i'm gonna go eat some leftover cookies now :)

Monday, November 30, 2009 our tummies

today, i made the autumn sausage casserole from taste of home. we recommend it, it's cheap and easy and fast. and it really does take like a bite into autumn.

i added carrots, and after i baked it, it was a little we added some chicken broth. much better :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

turkey pictures

pictures from thanksgiving dinner....

i picked a winner

also, check out all the movies we're looking forward to
movies we want to see
up in the air (debatable)
valentine's day
sherlock holmes
shutter island
the blind side....again

movies i want to see and will probably drag matt to.
the princess and the frog
the lovely bones
letters to juliet
dear john
the last song
the twilight saga: eclipse

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving :)

So it's the big day. happy thanksgiving everybody :) we are thankful for each other, our family, our friends, the giants, the lakers, and our first thanksgiving meal together!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thanksgiving menu

so it's our first thanksgiving together...and both of our first attempts at making a turkey. so we'll see how it goes, but for now, here's our planned menu

the menu
crock pot turkey
mashed potatoes
green bean casserole
cornbread stuffing
pumpkin pie

ooooo and i found a new blog. it's called "a year of slow cooking" and it's written by a woman who used her slow cooker for an entire year!!!! i love it. we're gonna make our turkey using one of her recipes :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

sigma kappa presents

Last night was Sigma Kappa Presents. Every year, we have a fall formal where we present our new girls. Of course, Matt was my date :) and it was one of the best nights ever. We started off with a small group of 6 (Matt and I, Keenan and Jess, and Rai and Felix) having a potluck dinner at my house. We made pot roast (in my amazing crockpot), Jess and Keenan brought bread and dessert (swedish cream), and Rai and Felix also brought bread and mashed potatoes. Best dinner ever! We made it to the buses around 7 and picture taking commenced. In case you didn't get the memo, it's a black and white formal for the girls (black for the actives and white for the newbies) and the guys added a little color (i love Matt's blue shirt). This year, our Presents was at the Bristol, in downtown San Diego. It's so beautiful there, there is a fantastic view of the city and the roof opens up :) Matt and I obviously danced the night away. Sigma Kappa also presented our sister of the quarter (yay Katie Marzolf) and our Heartthrob (congrats Jeremy Darcey), as well as all our newest members. Definitely my favorite formal so far :)

I have to get ready for bed now, because Initiation is tomorrow!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

new moon

so last night, at 12:01 am i went at saw new moon because i'm a twilight junkie. it is EXPONENTIALLY better than the first one. whoever decided to change the director is BRILLIANT. it far exceeded my expectations, and hopefully i'll drag matt to come watch it with me...again :)

anyways, i'm really excited for a new movie coming out, it's called letters to juliet. and of course during the preview they played taylor swift's love story...very appropriate. anyways, check out the trailer :)

"the greatest love story ever told is your own"

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So today we used our first groupon :) For those of you that don't know, Groupon is a daily coupon advertising a special that is emailed to you every day. Our groupon is focused on San Diego, but they've got a lot of major cities, so you should all check it out. We love it :) Anyways, the first groupon I bought was for Auggie's House of Crab in Encinitas, CA.

Auggie's is like a Joe's Crab Shack, except way more authentic. Our groupon gave us $50 dollars worth of food, for only $20! I paid $20 for the groupon and we got to spend it on whatever we wanted at Auggie's. We started off with Crab stuffed Jalapeno....and it was probably the best appetizer I've ever had. Then we got the Big Feast for 1 plus a whole pound of snow grab (because Matt wanted crabs). It was messy and buttery and all over the place, but the food was delicious. If you're ever in San Diego, you need to check this place out. It was like being at a crab shack in's that authentic. It was definitely a hands-on experience :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures, Matt left his camera at home, and mine died :( so we used our cell thinking right?

PS the chicken tortilla soup still needs some was decent, but not AMAZING. but really stay tuned because sigma kappa presents is tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

when you wish upon a star

last night, matt and i stayed up til 1 to watch the leonid meteor shower. thank god we did because we saw 6 shooting stars , which means we each got 6 wishes! i've only seen a shooting star once in my life so this was pretty cool. there was one star (i think star number 5 for us) that was absolutely extraordinary, it left the biggest streak in the sky :) that wish will most definitely come true. i hope you guys all stayed up to watch the shooting stars, because we thought they were definitely worth the wait.

thank you msnbc!

ps stay tuned tomorrow. i'm using the crock pot for chicken tortilla soup. yum :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

movies movies movies

matthew (myself) recently subscribed to netflix in order get his movie fix on a daily basis. he is able to have 2 dvd's out at any one time and can watch certain shows/movies straight from his computer. he has taken full advantage of his subscription as him and his girlfriend have already watched bolt and the taking of pelham 123 and matthew has almost finished the entire first season of man v. food. he definitely recommends that you do netflix as it is AWESOME! and really not too expensive. plus blockbusters everywhere are going out of business

Saturday, November 7, 2009

we love crock pots!

so yesterday, i went to wal-mart (ps i hate wal-mart now....long story), and i bought a crock pot! it's amazing and beautiful and wonderful! and right now, we are currently making pot roast and we're soooo excited! i've never made pot roast before (let alone use a crock pot) and we are currently almost an hour into cooking.

so for now, we're just sitting here, wishing and waiting. while we wait, i'll tell you about our wonderful date yesterday. we went to amarin thai in hillcrest and it was AMAZING. i actually found it through the help of yelp, and a lot of people recommended the crab fried rice, so we got that (and a curry...because matt has developed quite the taste buds for curry). the crab fried rice....maybe the BEST thing i've ever had. we love amarin thai and will definitely be going back, especially since the hostess wears mc hammer pants. afterwards, we went to golden spoon and they had SO MANY FLAVORS. we highly recommend cake batter with the butterfinger topping. after we got dessert, hillcrest got kind of shady looking, so we decided it was time to leave (too many hobos and drunk people)...

ps feel free to send up crock pot recipes :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

congrats yankees

you couldn't have done it without kate hudson in your stands.

the lakers are back :)

the start of the new nba season kicked off october 27 (same day as the release of taylor swift's fearless platinum album....really great day for me). currently, we are 4-1 with the addition of ron artest. that guy is a thug and i wish trevor ariza was still in la. anyways, i'm so excited to see what the guys can do this season :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

notes left behind

so i came across this story on the internet yesterday. it's about a 6-year old girl who had terminal brain cancer. this little 6-year old is amazing and her name is elena desserich. elena didn't survive, but she made quite an impact. before she died, she left notes for her parents and her little sister gracie all around the house. all of the notes they've found have been published in a book called "notes left behind." the money the book raise go towards The Cure Starts Now Foundation, an organization battling childhood cancer. Elena was only 6 years old, but she is by far the biggest little rockstar ever

ps. if someone wants to buy me Notes Left Behind, i'll love you forever :)

friends & family

friends & family (of matt) get 30% off at old navy, gap, banana republic, etc. get excited :) i know i am!

Monday, November 2, 2009

the fall project

so here's our fall list, we'll keep updating it, so keep checking it :)

-have a halloween party
-finish a 1000 piece puzzle
-go to a haunted house
-win something from a claw machine
-have a bonfire
-carve a pumpkin
-have a late night food adventure
-go on an old town trolley adventure
-attend an ugly sweater christmas party
-roast pumpkin seeds
-shop for fuzzy socks
-make a fall play list
-come up with amazing halloween costumes
-have a thanksgiving eating contest
-anticipate the upcoming nba season
-celebrate starbucks red cups coming back
-buy a crockpot and use it!
-spend a whole day baking and watching christmas movies
-buy/make stockings for christmas
-decorate a christmas tree
-buy a new winter coat
-celebrate our one and half year anniversary
-go watch the blind side
-stay up all night and watch the sunrise
-watch a meteor shower
-buy a groupon and use it

Saturday, October 24, 2009

pumpkin carving!

So yesterday, Matt and I decided to ditch work and homework (well he ditched work and I didn't do any homework) and we went to The Pumpkin Station in Mission Valley. It was so much more than just a pumpkin patch, it had rides for little kids and a petting zoo :) We bought two pumpkins, a big one and a little one. Then we went to the Halloween store, but Matt didn't find anything he wanted for his costume, so we went to Wal-Mart. I got red fabric to make a cape for my Snow White costume and white fabric for my Cleopatra costume. Matt got a padded chest protector for his Jack Bauer costume, and he figured out he wanted to be a Mexican wearing a poncho and a sombrero for his other costume. Overall, a very succesful trip to Wal-mart. We went back to Matt's and started carving. Originally, Matt tried to make Larry the Cucumber from Veggie came out okay. We decided to take a break from carving and roasting pumpkin seeds. Last night, we saw Paranormal Activity....let me just say, it was SUPER CREEPY (I was afraid to go to bed that night). Anyways, we got back and Chris, Matt's roommate, convinced us to go to Vons and buy more pumpkins to carve. So of course, we stayed up carving pumpkins until super late, but they came out wonderful. Matt changed his original Larry to Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc and carved a new Larry. Chris made the Abraham Lincoln, and I did the other little two :) I just love Halloween!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Haunted Trails

Last night, my sorority had a date dash at the Haunted Trails in Balboa Park. It pretty much scared my pants off. Some guy with a chain saw chased us around. There were creepy hillbillies that tried to get me to touch his bloody finger. Guys in masks jumped out at us on a bus. It was an awesome experience, but there were some blood-curdling screams. We walked around in a group of 10-ish and the scary people always know who to go's like they can sense fear...or tell which ones are the chickens from our screams haha. Afterwards, we headed to in-and-out and hung out with some of the new girls in my sorority. Overall, a very successful night :)

Sorry, we couldn't take pictures

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new to-do list

sooooo although we did not complete our summer to-do list i have decided that margaret and i will create a new list of things to do for the fall. this list will be attainable and have things that will not question my manhood (ex: picking wildflowers). in the near future margaret and i will sit down and compile another list for us to tackle most likely before we adjourn SD for christmas break. how long this list will be we do not know, but we shall complete this one and make sure we keep all of you updated with pictures and stories to tell!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the new babies

So i'm sure you noticed my lack of updating you guys on our lives. well i've been busy....with recruitment. and matt just started school, so we've been leading some pretty hectic and crazy lives lately. on the bright side, we have new baby sigma kappas :) this year, we have 42...i know right...42 NEW MEMBERS!! they're the tau class, so i've started calling them the tater taus, like tater tots. hopefully it'll catch on. trust me, there will be more to come, but for now, meet our new babies :)

sorry for the crappy picture.

Monday, September 28, 2009

matt's architecture blog...and our deadline

Matt has a new home...well online anyway. check out his new blog featuring his architecture work, called a little dose of evy. he worked hard on it all night to get it going and i'm really proud of him (his blogging and his work). don't worry he'll still be part of this blog. it wouldn't be matt and margaret if it was just me. we'll probably post less of his architecture on here, but if it's really spectacular, we'll definitely showcase it, or at least i'll link it.

More important news, i know we passed our deadline. i have officially started school and we didn't finish our list. i think we're gonna try and finish what we can, just for our own benefits, and maybe even start a fall list, but with school, our jobs, and everything else going on in'll probably be a shorter list. but keep your faith in us and we'll try not to let you down :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday funday

Today was sunday funday...filled with football, shopping, and eating. We got up and the football game's on. Matt and I went grocery shopping at a local market called Scholari's and picked up almost 12 pounds of ribs for dinner. We came back and watched the Giants play against the Dodgers, since Lincecum was pitching today. We got schlacked....which is a crushing blow for the Evans family, because of their passion for the orange and black. Brandie and I got pretty bored of watching sports all day, so we stopped by Borders and I picked up the first Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book, "Dead until Dark." I'm really excited to start reading it because I want to start watching True Blood. Anyways, the boys finally got over the baseball game and we went shopping at Legends...sooooooooooo cool. They have this huge sporting store called Scheels and it is home to the biggest indoor ferris wheel. No one would go on with me, so I missed my chance to ride on it....bummer. Anyways, they also have statues of a couple of the presidents and they give speeches, which actually kind of creeped me out. But it was a good shopping trip overall, Matt and Brian got matching shoes...and shorts. Cute, right?

When we got back from Legends, we started prepping the ribs, which took over two hours (an hour in the oven and an hour on the grill). While the ribs were in the oven, Matt and I made apple pie. His mom has this super cool looking apple peeler/de-core-er machine...I need one of those in my life. Our secret ingredient in the pie...pumpkin spice. While the ribs were grilling up, groups of us played Bongo...and it's kind of hard to explain the game, I guess the closest thing would be like throwing horseshoes. Matt and I kicked some major butt in that game (and he actually ended up bringing it to San Diego with us). Well, our ribs were finally done and they were DELICIOUS. For first timers, I think we did a pretty swell job :) His family was pretty impressed, and I think it was nice for his mom to get some relief from cooking all the time. So anyways, it was a good day in Reno for Matt and me.

P.S. Remember how I started this post talking about the Sookie Stackhouse novels...I finished book number 2 yesterday, and I'm gonna go grab book 3 tomorrow. It's official, I'm hooked. All this vampire madness is getting to my head.


...and now we're cooking

sushi eat-a-thon

On Saturday, we went to all-you-can-eat sushi at Rickshaw's in Reno, NV. I've never done all-you-can-eat sushi before, but it's all the rave up here. Matt and his friends used to go every week in high school. We had an endless sushi buffet for 13.95/person.....SWEET. I'm pretty sure we got around 25 rolls (plus appetizers) between the 7 of us (Matt, me, Basim, Cara, Pat, Brandon, and Levi) and we ate for almost 2 hours. I didn't eat myself into a food coma, but I was definitely full. We were planning on doing an eating contest, to cross something off our list, but instead it just became an eat-a-thon. Sorry for the lack of pictures...we were too busy eating while watching the Dodgers stomp on the Giants :(

Afterwards, we hung around the house and later, Brandie, Abby, and I went to David's Bridal to get Brandie's wedding dress altered and try on my bridesmaid dress. I'm so excited for wedding!! Then we got pedicures :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

lake tahoe

On Friday, Matt and I drove up to Lake Tahoe and spent a few hours at Sand Harbor. We got there around 11:00 and it was sooo peaceful and beautiful. There was actually only one other person there when we first arrived, but other people trickled in later. We spent our time swimming in the lake, basking in the sun, and climbing the rocks. I've figured out that I'm not really good at skipping rocks...which is a shame, because it's a lot of fun. Matt swam to the boulders and cannon-balled off of them. When we got hungry, we left for T's Mesquite Rotisserie, which I could spend the rest of my life eating. BEST BURRITOS EVER :)

little girl stalking squirrel