Saturday, November 7, 2009

we love crock pots!

so yesterday, i went to wal-mart (ps i hate wal-mart now....long story), and i bought a crock pot! it's amazing and beautiful and wonderful! and right now, we are currently making pot roast and we're soooo excited! i've never made pot roast before (let alone use a crock pot) and we are currently almost an hour into cooking.

so for now, we're just sitting here, wishing and waiting. while we wait, i'll tell you about our wonderful date yesterday. we went to amarin thai in hillcrest and it was AMAZING. i actually found it through the help of yelp, and a lot of people recommended the crab fried rice, so we got that (and a curry...because matt has developed quite the taste buds for curry). the crab fried rice....maybe the BEST thing i've ever had. we love amarin thai and will definitely be going back, especially since the hostess wears mc hammer pants. afterwards, we went to golden spoon and they had SO MANY FLAVORS. we highly recommend cake batter with the butterfinger topping. after we got dessert, hillcrest got kind of shady looking, so we decided it was time to leave (too many hobos and drunk people)...

ps feel free to send up crock pot recipes :)

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