Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday funday

Today was sunday funday...filled with football, shopping, and eating. We got up and the football game's on. Matt and I went grocery shopping at a local market called Scholari's and picked up almost 12 pounds of ribs for dinner. We came back and watched the Giants play against the Dodgers, since Lincecum was pitching today. We got schlacked....which is a crushing blow for the Evans family, because of their passion for the orange and black. Brandie and I got pretty bored of watching sports all day, so we stopped by Borders and I picked up the first Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book, "Dead until Dark." I'm really excited to start reading it because I want to start watching True Blood. Anyways, the boys finally got over the baseball game and we went shopping at Legends...sooooooooooo cool. They have this huge sporting store called Scheels and it is home to the biggest indoor ferris wheel. No one would go on with me, so I missed my chance to ride on it....bummer. Anyways, they also have statues of a couple of the presidents and they give speeches, which actually kind of creeped me out. But it was a good shopping trip overall, Matt and Brian got matching shoes...and shorts. Cute, right?

When we got back from Legends, we started prepping the ribs, which took over two hours (an hour in the oven and an hour on the grill). While the ribs were in the oven, Matt and I made apple pie. His mom has this super cool looking apple peeler/de-core-er machine...I need one of those in my life. Our secret ingredient in the pie...pumpkin spice. While the ribs were grilling up, groups of us played Bongo...and it's kind of hard to explain the game, I guess the closest thing would be like throwing horseshoes. Matt and I kicked some major butt in that game (and he actually ended up bringing it to San Diego with us). Well, our ribs were finally done and they were DELICIOUS. For first timers, I think we did a pretty swell job :) His family was pretty impressed, and I think it was nice for his mom to get some relief from cooking all the time. So anyways, it was a good day in Reno for Matt and me.

P.S. Remember how I started this post talking about the Sookie Stackhouse novels...I finished book number 2 yesterday, and I'm gonna go grab book 3 tomorrow. It's official, I'm hooked. All this vampire madness is getting to my head.


...and now we're cooking

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