Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stop forrest stop

So we've had quite a day, starting off with chauffeuring my brother to and from school, shopping, mongolian bbq and watching Gone in 60 Seconds. We even shopped at Toys'R'us with my friend Andrew because he forgot to buy his 7-year old cousin a present (he finally got him a Nerf gun worth a whopping $60...i know, a little ridiculous, but it did look like fun and shoots out 3 nerf darts per second). But nothing was as exciting as Bubba Gump...from the movie Forrest Gump.

Matt, Margaret, Amber and Andrew have officially had dinner at Bubba Gump....and boy was the food AMAZING. The experience was soooo worth it!! We learned that Forrest is from Greenbow, Alabama, his favorite soda is Dr. Pepper, and his favorite sports were football, ping pong, and running. Bubba Gump is quite the experience if you love Forrest Gump. The atmosphere is so fun and the decor is awesome (and filled with Forrest references). They even have a sign that says "Stop, Forrest, Stop" for when we needed to signal our waiter. The waiters are super nice and they asked us a bunch of movie trivia (hence all the random facts we now know). The food is AWESOME. I must say, these two days, have been pretty horrible for my body, considering the amount of fried foods we have consumed lately. We started off with hush puppies, followed by our main courses, consisting of 2 shrimp heavens, shrimp tacos, and mahi mahi. The hush puppies were a little overpriced, but the entrees were fantastic!! We loveeee shrimp heavens!

When we finished eating, we walked around Pier 39 and tried on funny hats, checked out the left-handed store, and loaded up on cookies from Mrs. Fields and chocolate from Chocolate Heaven. Amber and I really were in heaven at the chocolate store, and managed to walk away with a quarter of a pound of chocolate (which is really only 5 pieces, but it sounds like a lot). This was one of my favorite nights ever and we can't wait to go back to Bubba Gump!

Oh yeah, when we were at Toys'R'us, Matt played the claw machine and tried to win me a stuffed animal, but we didn't get anything, so we'll keep it uncrossed on our list for now...


i told him he should have bought it.


trying to win something from the claw machine


the view from our table....yup that's alcatraz.

one of these things is not like the other ones.


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