Monday, September 28, 2009

matt's architecture blog...and our deadline

Matt has a new home...well online anyway. check out his new blog featuring his architecture work, called a little dose of evy. he worked hard on it all night to get it going and i'm really proud of him (his blogging and his work). don't worry he'll still be part of this blog. it wouldn't be matt and margaret if it was just me. we'll probably post less of his architecture on here, but if it's really spectacular, we'll definitely showcase it, or at least i'll link it.

More important news, i know we passed our deadline. i have officially started school and we didn't finish our list. i think we're gonna try and finish what we can, just for our own benefits, and maybe even start a fall list, but with school, our jobs, and everything else going on in'll probably be a shorter list. but keep your faith in us and we'll try not to let you down :)

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