Saturday, September 19, 2009

road trip

On Thursday, we roadtripped from Sunnyvale, CA to Reno,'s only a 4 hour trip, but it counts as a road trip to us. We left around 11:30 and got to Reno around 4 cus there was a little bit of traffic due to construction. Anyways, on our drive, we accidentally passed the state capital, Sacramento, and we found the Secret Road. We drove by Donner Lake, where the infamous Donner family devoured themselves. Personally, we prefer McDonalds...chicken nuggets are God's gift to the world :)

When we got to Reno, we hung out with Matt's parents and feasted on Qdoba burritos and later, we got some chicken wings at Flowing Tide Pub and Grill with Matt's brother, Brian, and his fiance Brandie.

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