Wednesday, September 16, 2009

we love the g-babies!

We finally went to a baseball game this at&t park! last night, we saw the giants smash the rockies 10-2 (though tulowitzki did get a homer....did you know he's from sunnyvale!!). barry zito had quite the night! we actually missed the first inning because we took the caltrain (which i don't recommend on game day unless you can get there early), but the other 8 innings were awesome! i swear i've never eaten that much food in my life, we got a hot dog, nachos, kettle corn, garlic fries, and a huge diet coke (in a lincecum collector's cup). AND i got to go down the slide in the kiddie area. we had so much fun and we can't wait to go again. matt personally thinks at&t park is the greatest place on earth!! i would say it's at least top 5, plus it's in san francisco, and who doesn't love sf?

anyways, the giants are only 2 and a half games back, so if they win tonight, it'll be HUGE. good luck matt cain :)

we're also tagging this one as the best date ever :) that way we can cross off two things on our list. and get ready for reno, nv, because we have big plans to get a lot of things crossed off!!

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