Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Margaret found a Groupon to attend the Winter Wonderland "festival" and we were very excited to check it out.  It took place in the parking lot of the Great America theme park and had a very cool carnival type feel to it.

It is basically a bunch of neat light fixtures set up and everyone walks around and takes photos.  Of course it would just be LAME for us to take simple photos with the lights.  So as you will see below we definitely took the fun to whole other level:  by impersonating many of the fixtures!

I don't know if we will do it again because it seems to be definitely geared towards a younger audience, but nonetheless, we had a BLAST!!  Enjoy.


One of our only normal photos haha

Rowing the Boat




I am...an idiot

Angry pig!

Failed attempt at "lifting" the bridge

Gooooooooo Niners

I so fat!

Peacock!....and cokes

Best looking fixture in my opinion

Jack Frost

Creepy (my face) Moon

"I have such a big body, and tiny little arms!"

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