Saturday, August 29, 2009

everybody loves surfing...surfin' usa.

I didn't even realize it's been a week since our last much for trying to do something on the list everyday. anyways, not much has been happening with us, mainly cus it's been about a steady 90 degrees every day. however, we did take advantage of the heat by going surfing yesterday. this was technically our second time (the first time, jer, pat, and josh were here from reno), but yesterday was the first time i really tried it. The weather was perfect and the beach was crowded, and the ocean was glorious. But it really was hot. Anyways, we rent surfboards for $8/hr and found an awesome parking spot (which i must say took us at least 15 minutes). It was so hot the sand burned my feet.

But anyways, onto surfing. I think I swallowed so much salt water that I probably shouldn't eat anything with sodium in it anytime soon. However, those gallons of water finally paid off because... i stood up ON THE SURF BOARD!!! Granted, it did take me about an hour to finally do it. Matt is pretty much an avid surfer by now, he's even thinking about looking around on craigslist to find a decently cheap board. He loves it. And I do too, even though I had a pretty nasty accident. Let's just say there's a fat and colorful bruise on my left ankle. I think I must have gotten hit by my own board, how embarassing. But hopefully it'll heal soon. We can't wait to go again!! Learning to surf really just makes San Diego that much better :)

Anyways, the pictures are still on matt's camera, but when i get a chance, we'll update some pictures. There aren't many, but we'll put them up. Anyways, I have finals this week and Matt has final projects due, so I don't know how much we'll get done off the list, but keep checking back with us :)

Update: pictures!! Matt made me put a picture of my shiner up.


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