Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the jack's mannequinn + the fray concert

So instead of paying attention in class, I'm gonna write about another check on our list. Matt's friends + brother came down to visit us in july. we had all these amazing things planned out, like riding bikes in coronado, getting pizza at Sammy's (since Jeremy is obsessed), learning to surf at the beach, etc. etc. We also bought tickets to a sweet concert headlining the fray and featuring jack's mannequinn. Six of us went to the concert (me + matt, jeremy, pat, josh, and sharon) and it was one of the best nights of summer so far! We started off with a stop at the local AM/PM, where we picked up some grub and some road sodas. of course, the concert had to be super far away at the crickett ampitheater, which is like 5 minutes from the US/mexico border, but it was worth the drive. we've been there before for the rascal flatts concert. this time, we got actual seats in the 300 section right in the middle, so we definitely had a great view.

so anyways...onto the music. some other band opened for jm & the fray, but i can't really remember who it was. jack's mannequinn was awesome. Of course, matt's favorite song, dark blue, played when he decided he needed a bathroom break, so he didn't even get to see them play. actually sharon was laughing when the guys left to grab drinks, cus she was like "omg i bet they'll play matt's favorite song right now" and five seconds later...there it was. jack's also did a sweet cover of tom petty's 'American Girl.' It practically sounded like the real version. The fray was also phenomenal. They really put on a show...for at least an hour and a half. They played all their hits, like You Found Me, Syndicate, Happiness, Where the Story Ends, etc. etc. They even played their Heartless cover of Kanye West's song. Honestly, best 20 bucks I've spent all summer (granted my roommates and i did just buy a couch for $20). If you guys can catch these dudes in concert somewhere, I definitely recommend them. So here's another check on our list of 40...go to a sweet concert :)

enjoy the pictures.

PS the giants are playing the dodgers this week. come on g-babies!

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