Tuesday, August 11, 2009

our summer project

hello world,

we're matt and margaret. and we are in love. with summer. and each other.

we know this is kind of silly and dumb, but we think it's a great idea, so just play along with us. this is the beginning of our blog and our project. this is our project for summer 2009. i know it's a little late, but we just started a list of 40 things we want to do this summer. today is august 10, but this is not our start date. the beginning of our project is the beginning of summer. school starts officially (for margaret) on september 24...that is the day we determine whether or not we succeeded on our project. follow along with us and see how many things we can accomplish.

here's our list of 40:
1. enroll in a scuba diving class
2. start a blog
3. learn to surf
4. road trip!!!
5. create a summer 2009 playlist
6. build a really good sandcastle
7. go hiking/backpacking
8. have a sleepover with pizza and movies
9. get a summer job during the summer for the fall
10. bake a really good pie
11. stay up all night to watch the sunrise
12. build a fort and watch movies all day
13. buy a beach cruiser surf board
14. go skinny dipping
15. organize a scavenger hunt (with pirate hats)!
16. buy sparklers and have a party
17. have one...maybe 2...housewarming parties
18. build a time capsule
19. (buy and) finish a 1000-piece puzzle
20. host an eating contest eat-a-thon
21. go to a baseball game
22. find a really good drive-in movie
23. have a picnic on the beach
24. place a bet at the del mar races
25. go to a haunted house
26. find a cool piece of art (and hang it in your room)
27. pick wildflowers
28. go to a concert
29. plan a trip somewhere
30. watch 500 days of summer
31. read a really good book (and maybe pass it on)
32. win something from a claw machine
33. eat at a new pizzeria
34. fly a kite
35. go to a farmers market (and plan an entire meal from what you buy)
36. make lemonade
37. have a bonfire
38. run through sprinklers
39. learn to BBQ ribs
40. have the best date ever :)

so there's our list. keep checking back for the random things and pictures we'll put up. wish us luck and feel free to add suggestions to our list.

~margaret (and matt)

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