Wednesday, August 12, 2009

books, books, books!

so i'm trying to update this blog at least once a day (usually during class haha), but to update it everyday, i feel like we should accomplish one thing on our list every day. so far we haven't really done anything beyond making the blog and the playlists. but we did already go to a concert. and i have already read some pretty sweet books! so i think that's what i'm gonna write nerdy and semi-hermit-like devotion to books. since the summer started, i think i've already finished a good handful....

here's margaret's list of books:
the time traveler's wife by audrey niffenegger
sail by james patterson
the pact by jodi picoult
the shack by william p. young
sunday at tiffany's by james patterson
harry potter and the deathly hallows by jk rowling

i think the list says i have to pass on the book, and i feel like i've done a decent job of that. i have passed the time traveler's wife onto to ranjeeta, danielle, and hopefully sharon and jessica soon. the sail was actually passed on to me by meghan and the shack was actually one of matt's books. i stole sunday at tiffany's from danielle. and i'm actually about to start another jodi picoult book (of which i can't remember the name). it was kindly lent to me by matt's mom....and it's jodi picoult so i'm pretty stoked for it. like i said, it's kind of embarassing how much of a bookworm i am.

speaking of being a bookworm, i'm really really excited because i just found out that there is a public library near matt's apartment complex! i love libraries!!!!!! i've been looking for a public library for a while (i think the one in la jolla charges an annual fee and the ucsd library never has any good novels to read). i think today i'm gonna drag matt to the library with me so we can get library cards. if i find anymore good books, i'll definitely post them on here. i really can't get over how excited i am to go to the library today :)

here's matt's list of books:
the shack by william p. young
towards a new architecture by le corbusier
the appeal by john grisham

UPDATE: this branch of the san diego public library is quite possibly the smallest library ever. i didn't check out ANY books, but i did put some on hold, so eventually, maybe i'll get some good books to read. but for now, come on giants.

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  1. yay! I found a library near work, but I can't check stuff out 'cause I don't live in that city. So I'm stealing my friend's late fees! (for me at least! hehe).