Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Thankfulness Project: Amber

Amber has been my best friend since my junior year (and her sophomore year) of high school....we have Homestead Cheer to thank for that. I mean, when you boil it down, we've only actually been friends for like 7 or 8 years (but it feels like forever). I practically lived at her house during high school (aka Grand Central Station) and her mom affectionately calls me her other daughter. We are sometimes known as Mamgret! Amber is a kickass biology student who loves Kid Cudi, bling, and Marc Jacobs. I am incredibly thankful to have this amazing girl as my best friend and twin....And here is her thankfulness project!

10 things Amber is incredibly thankful for...
  1. my wonderfully chaotic family
  2. alpha phi - my heart & soul
  3. football season
  4. weekly trips to disneyland
  5. rainy weather
  6. marc jacobs
  7. harry potter and the deathly hallows
  8. the christmas section at target
  9. the nordstrom shoe department. and nordstrom in general.
  10. ray lamontagne

"Right now, I am incredibly thankful for...Alpha Phi. It is the greatest love of my life. They are my support system, my family, my home away from home. I've never met a more motivated, beautiful, honest, and loving group of women and I am so proud of every girl in the chapter and everything we've accomplished together. This chapter is my heart and soul and has changed my life for the better. aoe." --Amber

Thank you for playing Amber!

photo via Amber M.

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