Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rain! And Crepes!

Thank God for daylight savings time....but also for rain. It's beautiful outside, and it is a much needed break from the heat wave we experienced this week. Finally, it feels like fall. Every time I look out my window, there's this pretty orange tree with leaves on the ground. It's amazing and definitely what I missed most while living in San Diego. This is awesome weather for me to do work (and maybe re-read the 7th Harry Potter book). In honor of the awesome weather, I think it may be time to buy some rain boots :)

Yesterday, I went to the Crepevine with my friends/sorority sisters, Caroline and Traci. Caroline lives up here all the time, so I see her frequently for happy hour. Traci lives back in San Diego, but was up here visiting Caroline for the weekend. We had decided to meet up for brunch, so I met them at a cute little cafe called The Crepevine in Palo Alto. As you can tell by the name, this place has delicious crepes :) I ordered a santori crepe with nuts, mascarpone, brown sugar, coconut, and cinnamon. It was sooooo yummy, but a little overload on the sweetness for me. It would have been better with a big glass of milk! Caroline ordered the chicken shawerma, which ended up coming out as a chicken wrap. Her shawerma came with fries, and this place honestly has the best fries ever!!!! Caroline also ordered a mimosa, which I had a sip of...excellent mimosas! Traci ordered pancakes and only ended up eating half of her pancakes because it came in a humongous stack. Overall, I would give this place a 4 out of 5. I definitely really liked it, but I don't LOVE it...probably because I was hoping to get a lemon crepe with lemon custard, but it was MIA on their menu. Slight disappointment. However, I do recommend this crepe place for everything else. Next time, I'll have to try a savory crepe :)

santorini crepe! YUM
Check them out on yelp too!


Countdown til I see Matt muffin: 18 =]

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