Monday, November 22, 2010

The Thankfulness Project: Lunani

Here is today's list #2!

Lunani and I started out as friends because we were on our high school yearbook staff together. Later, we found out that both our parents worked for the same company. Needless to say, our friendship was made to be. We have been friends for 6 or 7 years, and my favorite part about our friendship is that we can not talk or see each other for a while (like a few months), but when we do get to hang out, everything is exactly where we left off. She is amazingly artistic...she has a knack for designing (on Photoshop), an eye for photography, and a creative sense to die for (you should see her Christmas cards/birthday invites). It really sucks that she lives in Chicago (and I have yet to visit her yet, but not because I don't want to....blame it on the $$$$, or lack thereof) because we rarely see each other, but I know that when I do see her, it'll be just the same as always (with plenty of laughs and fun new foods to try). She has finally found a spectacular boy (whom I have yet to meet) and it's about time...because she really does deserve someone special. I am so thankful to have her as one of my best friends and here is her thankfulness project...
10 things Lunani is incredibly thankful for...
  1. I have the most amazing family...
  2. ...and friends that I could ever ask for: Mike, Min, Margaret, BChan, Jane, Steele&Brit, Kirk, Geoff,  Kristy, Carl, Viv, Whit/Tony/Adam, Matt, Albert, Jason, Annie, Charlie
  3. I've only been with my boyfriend for about a month, but it's been so amazing so far and I'm glad I met him this year. 
  5. A job that I love, crazy hours or not. Plus, I've worked with some truly awesome managers!
  6. Roommates that will go to the police station and lower wacker to pick up my towed car
  7. An upcoming interview for China
  8. The means to go to Hong Kong every so often
  9. This could be the Illini basketball team I've been waiting for. 
  10. Chicago <3 

"Right now, I am incredibly thankful friends in Chicago. In the five years that I've lived in Chicago, the friends that I've made here have really become my family away from home. We've shared similar experiences through our four years (and for some, five!) and now we're all trying to make a name for ourselves in Chicago. We've had a couple World Series wins between us (4! Sox, Cards, Yanks, Giants), Stanley Cup (boo Hawks), and a Rose Bowl appearance. But at the end of the day, we're grounded in Chicago and I know we're going to continue having late nights out, making sports history, and reveling in the little day to day experiences that make up our friendships. :)" --Lunani

Thank you for playing Lunani!
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photo via Lunani Y.

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