Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Thankfulness Project: Ping

Ping and I have been friends since...I moved to Sunnyvale. She is my favorite person to bring with me to family events (mainly because she keeps me from going insane) and my family likes her. I've been to her family dinners as well (actually I was just at her early Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday). I think our favorite activities usually involve shopping, baking cookies (and epically failing at it...you can only make so many batches of awful sugar cookies), and watching cheesy movies (like Letters to Juliet). We both ended up in San Diego for college, and we have definitely had some wild adventures (Mexico used to be safe when we were freshmen). She recently just got a new dog, and I like going to the dog park with her (since I've never had a dog and have never had the opportunity). I'm thankful to have such an amazing friend here (especially since both of us are going insane hunting for jobs) and here is her thankfulness project...

10 things Ping is incredibly thankful for...

  1. My wonderful boyfriend, and the fact that I am lucky enough to see him every day
  2. My family, especially my niece and nephew (I love the way they can make me laugh by saying something completely random and cute)
  3. MLB TV for having a “deal” so I can watch my Giants while I was in SD for only $20 for the whole year.  And the Giants for winning the World Series so I could experience the chaos in downtown SF during the parade!
  4. Denny, the sweetest dog who keeps me company during the day
  5. Crossword puzzles in the newspapers that get left on the doorstep
  6. Christmas decorations (even though Jon won’t let me start decorating until after Thanksgiving)
  7. Date nights and random surprises
  8. Netflix, for giving us movies to watch at night since there are no longer any more Giants games on tv
  9. Finishing nursing school and passing the NCLEX
  10. Bubble baths during rainy and cold days

"Right now I am incredibly thankful for...Denny. I had been waiting 22 years for a dog before we finally adopted him last month. He’s so cute and adorable and he loves to cuddle in my lap. It’s so funny watching him run around in circles, especially when he runs into the kitchen and his paws slip on the tile. He is the perfect puppy!" --Ping

Thank you for playing Ping!

photo via Ping L.

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