Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Thankfulness Project: Matt

Here is what my wonderful awesome amazing handsome brilliant sexy boyfriend Matt is thankful for. Can you tell that I am incredibly thankful to have him in my life?
10 things Matt is incredibly thankful for...
  1. My incredible girlfriend that fights through thick and thin with me and never ceases to make me smile on a daily basis.
  2. My parents, who are the most understanding and unselfish people I know in this world.
  3. Siblings that are always a joy to be around and won't hesitate to keep me in check if I say something dumb.
  4. The San Francisco Giants who decided to complete my life by winning the World Series this past season.
  5. Smooth Jazz and how it calms me down and enables me to design and complete successful work.
  6. Netflix for always being there when I have an all-nighter of work to do.
  7. Architecture and how it allows me to express a great passion of mine.
  8. A simple smile and how that can change even anyone's worst days.  
  9. Coffee and how it can keep me up all night and warm me up on the coldest of days.
  10. Optimism and how it can make the most difficult situations a learning experience and a way to find the positive aspects of any situation.

"Right now, I am incredibly thankful for...a simple smile because it can change a terrible day into a good one.  It has the power to create memories, give someone butterflies, and make every situation a fun and enjoyable experience.  Without smiling, the world would be a sad place." --Matt

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