Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THE PARADEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm currently digressing from telling you about my Halloween weekend with Matt....because as amazing and wonderful and lovely as that weekend was, I have to tell you about something else that happened today. I WENT TO THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS VICTORY PARADE!!! I was one of the millions of little faces in the crowd. And it was one of the most glorious (and maybe only victory) parades I've ever been to. My friend David and I got on the caltrain at 8:15 and then my friend Nicole got on at a later stop. Believe it or not, people were drinking at 8 in the morning. We may or may not have popped a bottle of champagne to make mimosas. I'm pretty sure we ended up on the party train, and every 5 minutes, someone would break into a chant...."Let's go Giants!!!!!" And since it was Nicole's birthday (and she said the Giants were stealing her birthday thunder), I convinced our entire cart to sing happy birthday to her (which wasn't very hard since everyone was already sloshed). Of course, Nicole was embarrassed...but all in good fun :) We got off the train around 10 (much later than anticipated) and walked over to Market and 4th, where we proceeded to join the massive crowd. It's UNBELIEVABLE the amount of spirit and love that filled that street. I was 15 feeet away from Tim Lincecum, Jonathan Sanchez, Andres Torres, Edgar Renteria. I can't even tell you how it felt to be there. We only stayed until the parade walked through, but it was an awesome experience. We made some friends (with some tall guys....who let us stand in front of them since they blocked my entire view) and managed to watch most of the parade through some guy's iPhone (he was recording the parade). That's how crowded it was....I couldn't see over anyone. But it was still incredible.

Since we were starving, we decided to grab some burgers from the Burger Joint (right across the street from AT&T Park). The burgers were pretty good, but nothing really beats in-and-out. We watched most of the ceremony (at the Civic Center) on tv at the Burger Joint. People were clapping every time they announced a player. Winning the World Series is officially the biggest party in San Francisco. If you missed it, well...make sure you check out the video! It was a little depressing that the Giants #1 fan missed the parade.....the Giants missed you Matthew :)

jonathan sanchez in all his glory in the middle

Burger Joint

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