Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Thankfulness Project: Jessica

Jessica and I were are sorority sisters and have been since the beginning. As freshmen, we both ended up in Sigma Kappa, and to this day, I think most of my best Sigma Kappa memories have been with her...and most of them are not even at Sigma Kappa-related events. I love going happy hour hunting with her...if you're interested in cute wine bars, make sure you check out Wet Stone and Cafe Chloe in San Diego. Miss Jessica is brilliant (she's currently getting her MFT), adventurous (she is bon voyaging to India and Cambodia soon), and a fashionista (she could make a white tee (the ghetto kind) look good with her knack for accessorizing). Above all, I know I can always talk to her about long-distance relationships (because her boyfriend is stuck in boooo-ring Michigan...her words, not mine). I don't really know what I would do without her and I am soooo thankful to have this amazing sister in my life!! Here is Jessica's thankfulness project.

10 things Jessica is incredibly thankful for...
  1. A wonderful family that loves me and supports me in whatever I do 
  2. A handsome and smart boyfriend who loves me beyond reason
  3. That special group of amazing friends who are always there for me no matter what
  4. The fact that I am in a school and loving it!
  5. My baby kitten Leila
  6. The opportunity to travel this year to some pretty awesome places
  7. The simple beauty of the world: rain, beaches, sunshine, orchids...
  8. For being healthy and happy and on my way to success
  9. Warm peacoats, fall weather, and boots
  10. Good books and good movies!

"Right now, I am incredibly thankful for...Leila. I have never been a cat person, sterotyping all felines as cold, picky, and having no personalities.  However, when you wake up to a little ball of fur purring on top of you every morning, nuzzling your cheek before curling up next to you to snooze for another hour or a little animal come up to you with a loving head butt before sitting on your arms while you type up that five page paper due in a day, you cannot love a cat.  I am so thankful that I picked up my  own ball of fur a few months ago.  Not only has she loved me unconditionally (and helped me edit a few papers!) she has been a great little companion and always brings a smile to my face with her little funny antics." --Jessica

Thank you for playing Jessica.
Check out Jessica's blog right Here and Here.
photo via Jessica H.

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  1. Uh you may wanna take out the part of Michigan being boring, seeing as how half of my family is from or still living there haha