Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch!!

On Saturday, Matt and I went to the pumpkin patch with our friends, Chris and Danielle. At first, we wanted to go to the one in Encinitas, but upon further discussion, we settled on going to one in Carmel Valley. Chris has this awesome amazing beautiful camera, the T2i (which I know matt is hoping to get for christmas!) which we brought along for the trip. When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, we found out it was cash only...and since none of us had cash, we had to drive around until we found an ATM. Finally, cash in hand, we went into the pumpkin patch...only to realize that a mediocre mini pumpkin was almost 10 bucks! We discussed whether we wanted to buy one pumpkin, because they had free face painting, but we couldn't figure out where the face painter was, so we decided to skip out....but only after taking some AWESOME pictures! I definitely would recommend going to the pumpkin patch...if you can afford, but seeing as how we are broke college students, we decided to head to Vons to buy our pumpkins instead. The pumpkins were only 6-7 bucks here, and they were HUMONGOUS!!! It's amazing how much of a difference in size and price these pumpkins were. Overall, I think we got the best of both worlds :)

this is charlie the pumpkin!

Well of course, all that effort and time spent choosing pumpkins left us starving, so we decided to hit up one of our San Diego favorites, Bristol Farms. Did I mention that it was already almost 1 and we were going to Bristol Farms for breakfast? We love Bristol Farms breakfast because it is only 4 bucks...for eggs, bacon, toast, potatoes, and coffee. I think it's one of the best deals around...the only downside is the wait for food. Sometimes it can take up to almost half an hour to 45 minutes to get your food once you've ordered it. Maybe not the best decision if you're starving, but sometimes it's worth the wait. It was actually kind of fun waiting this time since Chris was busy shooting portraits of everyone. I don't mean this lightly when I say I think that Matt is in love....with the T2i. It's definitely a beautiful piece of equipment and I know that Matt (and his architectural work) could really benefit from it. Check out the awesome shots Chris got of the crew below. Of course, since we were carving pumpkins later, we decided to make it a pumpkin party and picked up some pumpkin ale....very fitting :)

Well, our adventure was pretty much over at this point, since Danielle had work and Chris had to go to school to do work, so Matt and I headed back to the house for our pumpkin carving. I had already decided to carve the chesire cat, since our costumes were themed Alice in Wonderland (I was Alice and Matt was the Mad Hatter). Matt's pumpkin, in honor of the Giants, would pay tribute to the closer, Brian Wilson. His didn't turn out exactly how we hoped it would, but it was a great attempt. So while watching the Giants game, we went to work on our pumpkins. We plucked out all the seeds, and tossed them with salt and butter and put them in the oven to make roasted pumpkin seeds. I accidentally burned them a little bit because I left them in for too long at too high of a temperature, but the guys (well Bryan and Matt at least) said that they were still good. I think the pumpkins and I are becoming much better friends, and that my pumpkin project is doing splendidly.

Later that night, Matt, Chris and I met up with my old roommates, Meghan and Vinitha, and some of our other friends to hit up the bars in Pacific Beach. It was a busy night for the bars, with some places charging almost 20 bucks for cover (Typhoon's). Needless to say, we did not get to venture into that bar. But we did hit a few of our favorites, like Johnny V's and Plum Crazy. I think this was one of my favorite bar trips out in San Diego, especially since we hung out with Meghan most of the night (whom I haven't seen in a while...if you don't count the weekend before. Overall, this was a splendid day (and night) in San Diego and it was good to see so many of my favorite people :)

meghan was katy perry

chris = rufio from hook

laszlo friend!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Hallow's Eve!

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