Monday, May 23, 2011

Parachute is our new favorite band!!

Some of you may have heard of the band Parachute. They sing that song "She is Love." Probably the most well known song they have. Matt and I discovered them this weekend. Well I found them a couple of week's ago, because they came out with a new song that I love called "Kiss Me Slowly." But Matt found a free song of theirs, "What I Know" on iTunes and decided to download it. He loved it, so he told me to download it. So I did. And I loved it. Which made me browse through their new CD, The Way It Was. This CD is awesome. My absolute favorite song on their cd is called "Forever and Always." It's really sad, but it is just beautiful. I almost cried (actually I did) the first time I heard it. It's that good. Buy this song. Heck buy the whole CD.

Here it is:

i want you forever and always.

this song is sad but SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!

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