Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Trip to San Diego!

In honor of our anniversary and Matt's birthday, we decided it would be best if I took a week off of work and came down to San Diego for that entire week. I arrived on Friday the 29th (at 8:30 in the morning) and jetted back to San Jose on Saturday May 7th (just in time for dinner). It's really incredible what you can accomplish in a week (and then some). Every other time, I've been down for only a couple days, but this time, I saw so many people that I never realized how much I missed until I was with them. And I'm grateful for all of them. I think it would be hard to really blog about every day (seeing as how I am already a week behind, so I think I will just post the highlights (which realistically is most of the trip so get ready for a longgggg post).

Highlights of my trip to San Diego:

1. Eating 2 burritos in one day with Matt: Well actually we split a breakfast burrito (from MXN) when I first got into San Diego (which I ate most of) and then tried the famous Vallarta's for lunch later that afternoon (which Matt ate most of). Yum. Breakfast burritos for $4 are high on my list of favorite things in San Diego.

                                  breakfast burrito of champs                                                  vallarta's california burrito!

2. Yardhouse with Matt's roomies (minus Evan) for Bryan's (very belated) birthday celebration: Because it was happy hour and because it was bryan's birthday, our entire table ordered half-yards of beer. Let me tell you, it's incredibly hard to drink a half-yard of beer if you are a little person (like Cristina and I) but it is totally worth it. Plus it was also entertaining watching Bryan try to finish his entire plate of nachos.



random cute picture of us

4. The Alumnae Tea Party: Lucky for me, the tea party fell on the same weekend I was in San Diego and I got to (tea) party it up with some of my favorite ladies (aka my Sigma Kappa sisters). I probably don't need to tell you that this tea party is one of my favorite events of the year (because I was in charge of once...a very long time ago). I loved catching up with my girls (and meeting new alumnae and new active girls). It was my first year going as an alum, so that was different, but it was still beautiful and pleasant and wonderful and awesome!

5. Going to Flood with Matt: I started going to this new church called Venture in Los Gatos with my friend Nicole. But going back to Flood in San Diego really made me realize that I it there. I mean it's probably because I'm used to it there (and also because Matt Hammett is amazing) but it really makes me wish I was in San Diego so I could go there all the time (because I need ANOTHER reason to move down to San Diego).

6. Going to Mexico to visit Matt's orphanage project: You know I am one of those people who is easily sketched out by going new places/Mexico. It's kind of scary going down to Tijuana right now, but we trekked down there to visit Eben-ezer, the site of Matt's newest project. He's going to be working on an expansion for this orphanage through a class at NSAD. It's incredible. God is helping him do real and positive things for this orphanage. And being there (and being hugged by at least 10 different kids) really made my heart break...because these kids are dealt such hard cards in life, yet they hugged me when I walked into the room. It's incredible. But I think a big part of how incredible these kids are is the family that is taking care of them. Pastor Freddy and his wife and son are such genuine people that I can only hope this project works out for them.

7. Getting breakfast in Mexico after the orphanage visit: nothing like a real breakfast in Tijuana to get your morning started. After the visit, we decided to stop for a "real Mexican" breakfast (as Matt's groupmate called it) in Mexico. This place had such delicious food! It's amazing how different food is right across the border. 

8. Accepting a new job offer at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney after returning from Mexico (more on this later). EEEEKKK!!! :)

9. Getting happy hour at Mary Jane's with my girl/sorority sister Amanda: I have not seen Amanda in literally years, so I had to catch up with her when I was in San Diego. She and I pledged our sorority the same year and this girl is probably one of the main reasons I love Sigma Kappa as much as I do. I met up with her and her boyfriend, Jason, to catch happy hour at Mary Jane's in the Hard Rock Hotel, which coincidentally begins at 4:20. You know, not really my style, but the place is cute and the food was yummy. Plus happy hour goes til 8:20pm here. In happy hour world, that is pretty much unheard of, so props to the Hard Rock Hotel.

10. Watching the lakers game with my fave Fijis plus Matt's friends/roomies at Ciro's: We used to love going to this pizza place called Old City Grille, but I just found out recently that it was replaced by Ciro's. Honestly, I think I love Ciro's even more than Old City Grille. We met up with some of my favorite Fijis plus Matt's roomies plus his new friends from NSAD (Dan and Brandon are great :)) and watched the Lakers play against the Mavs. Sadly, victory was not in our favor. But great beer and good friends saved the night (did I mention that Ciro's is not only a pizzeria but also a beerhouse...glorious). 

11. Happy hour at Yardhouse with my girl/sorority sister Ms. Jessica: You know this girl and I pretty much own the term happy hour. It's just something we love to do (because it's cheap and we like to pretend we are super classy). She is probably one of the biggest reasons I miss San Diego and the girl and I are always on the same wavelength (mainly cus she is also in a long distance relationship, loves Taylor Swift and works at this cute ceramic cafe...what's not to love right?). Anyways, we caught up over drinks and snacks at Yardhouse (because I could not love this place anymore than I already do). Just to mix it up a little, I got a martini (see...classy) and so did she (we were meant to be). I'm so glad we got to hang out (because coincidentally we tend to miss each other a lot because when I am visiting Matt, she is visiting her boyfriend in Michigan).

12. Grocery shopping at Costco with Alex Sanchez: This really doesn't sound as much fun as it may seem, but it really is. Alex is also a sorority sister and I am so proud to call her that. This girl is going to save the world some day (she just doesn't know it yet). She's been super busy and managed to squeeze me in between working 2 jobs, bible study, studying for the LSATs, etc. I'm glad we got to hang out, because I realized how much of her life I am missing. I don't know if she'll see this, but if you do Alex, I want you to know you can call me whenever. I love you! And don't worry about the LSATs, once you get yourself into motion, you will kick their ass. 

13. Taco Tuesday with Chris: did I mention that Taco Tuesday is pretty much non-existant in Nor Cal except for this hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that has $1 tacos (that are really really tacos...I mean you can get one with cow tongue BARF). Anyways, we went to my favorite place ever, World Famous, because they have the best $1 fish tacos on Tuesday. Needless to say, I was satisfied.

14. Happy hour with some Sigma K alumnae: When I was VP alumnae relations in Sigma Kappa, I ended up really bonding with my advisor, Karina, and her close girlfriends/sisters, Emily and Melissa. So every time I'm in SD now, I try to catch up with them (usually with Jess too). Anyways, Karina, Emily, Melissa and I met up at Fleming's (yes the steakhouse...wowwww) for happy hour (because that is the only time that this restaurant is affordable).  I didn't even order a drink but I did try their mushroom ravioli. Delish! I love hanging out with these girls because they are so fun. I hope that when I am older (they are like 25 tops ;) or at least they act that way), I am as cool as they are. But seriously, they are that cool...I almost convinced them to come out to Incahoots (see below), but to no avail. You girls missed out!

15. Incahoots with Tommy and my fave sorority sisters (plus a new favorite, KIM!): I don't know if you know how much I love Incahoots, but chances are if you know me well, then you know this already. Incahoots is this country bar in Mission Valley that I adore. They play country music and everyone actually two-steps! It's incredible. Plus I got to wear my cowboy boots...and hang out with Tommy Ross (who is on my list of top 3 favorite Fijis) and Corinne and Selin and Selin's newest little, Kim. I love Corinne!! Seriously, on the most random day, I will get a text message that says "Rain makes corn..." from our favorite Luke Bryan song. I miss this girl (and her little Selin) way too much! Anyways, Matt tried to line dance (and worked that dance floor like he owned it). Probably one of my favorite nights in SD :)

16. Sushi and shopping with Eric, one of my best buds from high school: I cannot thank Eric enough for taking me to the Bob Marley-themed sushi place :) What is there not to love about sushi and bob marley posters everywhere and bob marley music playing 24/7? Eric and I go wayyy back (to 10th grade almost) and it was great to hang out with him. I hope he ends up moving home after graduation (or better yet I find a job in SD). He's probably one of my only guy friends who doesn't mind shopping, so I'm glad he let me drag him along!

17. Matt's actual birthday!!!!! For Matt's birthday night, we decided to go barhopping in Pacific Beach (one of our favorite places in the entire world). We spent most of the night with Matt's roommate, Bryan, and my girls Corinne, Selin, and Kim. I can't even tell you how many people came out for Matt's birthday!! This lucky guy has a lot of really good friends (plus when you throw my friends in the mix....always a party!) I really want to say thank you to everyone who came out and hung out with us (and also the photographers taking pictures of people with the Dos Equis man). You guys made this night super memorable and we are so lucky to have you in our lives :) Plus an extra happy birthday to my "big bro" Dustin (who shares the same fun and crazy birthday as Matt). Also, Matt and I got these glorious hot dogs after our night out. I'm not sure what was in them....cream cheese, peppers, ketchup. But they were amazing!

happy birthday to my fave guy

love these girls

706 friends :)

newschool friends!

18. Olive Garden with my favorite Sigma Kappa freshmen: Well, I guess technically Hope and Maggie are not freshmen anymore. But it doesn't make them any less my favorites! These girls literally go on and on about how much they love Olive Garden (and their breadsticks), so I knew that if we hung out in San Diego, we had to go to Olive Garden. We actually had a mini Sigma K reunion, with Corinne and Selin (because I can't get enough of them) at Olive Garden. It was awesome. Nothing says sisterhood like soup, salad and breadsticks. Plus Maggie and Hope taught me the wonders of ordering the alfredo boat so you can dip your breadsticks in it. Needless to say, my life will never be the same. I'm pretty sure if we stayed any longer, they were going to kick us out because we were the last ones left in the restaurant.  You know, it almost felt like college again because we all got to sit around and eat and talk about what we did last night (if your version of college is as high class as Olive Garden). I'm so glad Hope reminded me of this because this was definitely one of my favorite parts of my trip :)

19. Date night with my boyfriend at Bubba's: We love Bubba's Smokehouse BBQ. It's this cute little BBQ place in downtown La Jolla that is completely affordable (trust me, anything affordable is amazing and a complete diamond in the rough in DTLJ). We have been coming to this place for years (wow can you even say that when you're only 22....but seriously we've been coming here for at least 2 years) and we love it. I know everyone in San Diego loves Phil's BBQ and you know, to each their own, but we love Bubba's. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we love Bubba's more than Phil's (gasp). Anyways, we love this place because it's got great food and a great owner, Jeff. We finally got to know the guy (after so long) and he is just a big sweetheart (and a big Lakers 10 points). He gave us some free macaroni and even let us sample his newest top-secret unrevealed unnamed BBQ sauce....and it was awesome. Can't wait to see that one hit the menu. Anyways, it was honestly the most perfect night ever because I got to hang out with my boyfriend (just the two of us), eat at this great restaurant, and watch the lakers game (I guess the only thing not perfect is their third loss to the Mavericks). Jeff even offered to buy us a beer if the Lakers won (which he didn't need to). But seriously, if you live in San Diego, give Bubba's a try. It is the best.

20. Brunch with Danielle and her Indian-cowboy-doctor boyfriend, Brett: Danielle is one of my old roommates. I found this girl on Craigslist (super randomly) and I have never been more thankful for a Craiglist find. I love her! She is the funniest, most random, cute, and fun person ever. I saw her a couple weeks ago when she came up to visit SF and I just wish I could spend more time with her. She pretty much always makes time for me when I am in SD and I am so grateful to have her as such a good friend in my life. Danielle and her new boyfriend came out on Thursday night too, but I feel like you don't really get to know someone until you can grill them over their thoughts on football, Danielle, and movies over brunch at Cafe 976....which is exactly what Matt and I did. (PS I saw my old boss, Rachel of Bliss Events that morning too and I recently just found out she is pregnant....CONGRATS RACHEL!!! You will be the best mom!). Anyways, Brett is a huge fan of Friday Night Lights (the tv show), starting his residency in San Diego in a few months, and very clearly adores Danielle. He sounds like a major winner in my book. He is also from Texas and aspires to be a high school football coach in Texas. This guy really is awesome. I'm super happy for you Danielle :)

21. Hanging out with Laszlo and Feeney and Cam and playing with their Apple TV: You guys should know about my friend Laszlo (we planned a whole trip to Bakersfield to visit his girlfriend a couple months ago). Anyways, he has been living in Ocean Beach, right down the street from Feeney and Cam. We spent most of Saturday afternoon hanging out at their place playing with their AppleTV. Did you know that if you hook up into their wireless network, you can play music videos off your iphone onto their TV? So cooooolll!!! No joke, we spent like an hour and a half watching Chris Brown music videos (because I LOVE CHRIS BROWN). This is why I love hanging out with these guys. There's no super huge expectation to do something cool....we can just hang out and do dumb stuff. Honestly, Las and the Fijis is probably another reason I miss San Diego as much as I do. He is the best! Anyways, after playing with AppleTV until it got boring (just kidding), we decided to head over to the neighborhood BBQ at Laszlo's apartment complex. His place is so cool. Literally minutes from the beach. It's amazing. I wish I could live in Ocean Beach....He even has this cool hammock that hangs out his porch. Anyways, Las put on some music and set up his croquet set and I learned to play croquet. Again, just another one of those random things you end up doing with Laszlo. It was sooooo much fun. And amazingly enough, I almost won. Seriously....Matt beat me by one stroke (is that what you even call it? I don't even know) and I totally beat Laszlo. Ahhh what a great way to spend my last few hours in San Diego.

You know I think this pretty much covers......everything. 

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  1. I'm really really really sad I missed this. Miss you guys! Well I miss Margaret. I hate Matt and am happiest when I don't have to see his face. I kid because I love.