Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get Your Tissues Out For This One.

Remember when I used to post commercials that I love??? Well, get ready for some more :) I'm actually going to kick it off with the best one yet. This is probably the best commercial I have ever my 22 years of living. Honestly. This one made me cry. And I get teary-eyed watching it every time after that (and I've seen it at least 13 times). It's just amazing...and it's not just because of the cute asian girl (granted she is adorable. I hope I was half as cute as she is). But this commercial just really sells it. I mean I hope every dad does this for his daughter because it's incredibly touching, and sweet, and heartwarming, and just plain cute. I am so impressed Google Chrome (so much that I am now using Google Chrome...because I finally downloaded it because of this commercial). I hope whoever came up with this gets a huge raise.

I hope they make a commercial 18 years from now (or maybe 3 years....) showing the dad reading these emails with her. I would probably start bawling.

you wanted to name him salt.

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