Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Fray Concert!

Guess who's HERE!?!?!?!?


Matt arrived yesterday afternoon via SFO and I picked him up! We had big plans....Fray Concert at the Fillmore!! A couple weeks ago, I met up with this random dude from Craigslist (haha this sounds so sketchy) and bought two tickets to this concert....because Matt LOVES THE FRAY (actually this is like the understatement of the year. He loves the fray like i love taylor swift). Anyways, we decided to meet up with my friend Nicole for some drinks in San Francisco. We were on our way to 21st amendment, when we stumbled upon this cute Mexican restaurant, Maya. They had two dollar tacos (and 21st doesn't really have happy hour), so we decided to stop here. The tacos here....are small, but DELICIOUS. We recommend eating here :) Afterwards, we decided to head over to the Fillmore area. We found out that the doors weren't opening until 8 (and it was only 7:30), so of course we decided to eat and drink some more. We found a cute restaurant called Rassela's that turned out to be a jazz club that served Ethiopian food (I know, random) and stopped there because they had the Giants game on. Good decision. They had yummy chicken wings. We finished watching the rest of the Giants game (great win by lincecum. Welcome to the majors Brandon Crawford!! Grand slam baby) and finally decided it was time to go into the Fillmore. It's beautiful there. Walking through the hallways....there are hundreds of photos of famous musicians who have performed at the Fillmore in the past. This place has so much history and it's the best venue ever. It's known for its intimate setting, which really allows concert goers and the bands to really interact. It's amazing. For the fray, it was like a big open room where everyone stood and rocked out with the band. The Fray is such an amazing band (this is our second time seeing them) and they never cease to impress with their live performances. They started off with a new song and went straight into Over My Head. They played all their greatest songs, How to Save a Life, Happiness, Syndicate, All At Once....and they played at least 4-5 new songs. They even dedicated to Justin Bieber!!!! It was Never Say Never. Haha appropriate. Their dedication only made me love them more :) It really was the best concert experience I've ever had. Plus Isaac, the lead singer, parted the crowd and walked through the crowd high-fiving people. It was AWESOME. And it was Isaac's birthday 18 hours before, so we tried to start a happy birthday song with the people around us, but it didn't catch on :( Anyways, I'm excited for the Fray's new music to come out....and even more excited to go to more concerts at the Fillmore!!


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