Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Third Anniversary

April 30, 2011 marks our three year anniversary. I won't get all mushy on here, but how CRAZY is that?


  [an-uh-vur-suh-ree]  Show IPAnoun, plural -ries, adjective
the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event: the tenthanniversary of their marriage.
the celebration or commemoration of such a date.

The yearly recurrence of the date of a past event. This is the third yearly occurrence. Matt and I sat around for almost 20 minutes trying to remember each of our anniversaries. I know it's a little pathetic that we couldn't recall it right away, but I mean...that's just us. It's not like one of us forgot (because that would be awful) but rather, both of us had a hard time remembering. I guess it's not always the little details that make up the day, but rather the idea that we were together...focused on our relationship the whole day. I know it's cliche and dumb, but it really amazes me how much both of us have grown in this relationship as individuals and as a duo. It's not that I love him any less any other day (granted some days he really knows how to push my buttons and I might love him a little less those days), but it's just nice because it reminds me to notice the little details of our relationship that get passed up every day. I love anniversaries. And I love him.

Anyways, enough with the mumbo jumbo, I bet you're dying to know what we did :) We started our day off by having lunch at one of my favorite places, Noodles and Company. I can't get enough of that place. I used to drive 20 minutes just to get it up in Encinitas and then when I moved out of San diego, they opened one at UTC mall, like 5 minutes from where I live. Talk about life not being fair. Anyways, I got noodles (of course) and Matt tried one of their new sandwiches (let's just say he is now a believer in noodles and company!!)

Afterwards, we decided to do something fun (this sounds so spontaneous...and it was because we decided to do it like two days before). Being the creative cats we are, we decided to go whale watching in orange county. This little whalewatching company in Dana Point takes you out on a boat for two hours on the quest for whales. We got there a little early, so we walked around the shops in that area and shot a couple rolls of film with my new camera (yes I did say film...I'm taking a black and white photography class :)). We finally got on the boat, and ended up getting drenched because of the choppy waves. Yup I spent 20 minutes in a soaking wet dress. Worth it though.... because we saw a million dolphins (and ZERO whales). It was such a beautiful sight...dolphins swimming up along side the boat playing in the waves. It's AMAZING and I highly recommend it. And I think I already talked about this, but the best part was this cute older couple we sat next to on the boat. After talking to us for five minutes, they told us we were the perfect couple. It was very sweet. The old man practically wanted to adopt us (because the poor guy wanted grandchildren and all his kids are barren or unfit for parenting). I love making new friends!

Afterwards, we decided to go wine tasting at the San Clemente Wine Company. It's this beautiful little wine shop in San Clemente where they pride themselves on selling local wines (and beers too). I did a flight of whites and Matt tried a bunch of wines from one company (whose name I have forgotten). After wine tasting, we had dinner at this cute little Italian restaurant. Because what is more romantic than italian? And being the wine connoisseur that Matt suddenly became overnight, he decided to even order a glass of wine with dinner! It was perfect. Quaint, romantic, a little dark (but in the good way), and just overall the perfect way to cap off our day. Like I said, I love anniversaries :) I think this will be the most memorable anniversary to date, mainly because we did something different and unique. I mean we even ventured all the way out of San Diego. Best anniversary ever.

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