Friday, May 13, 2011

my boyfriend loves grey's anatomy tooo

so matt and i were talking on facebook chat because i was watching grey's anatomy..... and our conversation went a little bit like this.

Me: poor alex
Me: in grey's
Me: he never ends up happy with anyone
Matt: Carev?
Me: the chick he was dating stole his job
Matt: for chief resident?
Me: no. he got offered a job in africa and he thought about taking it without considering her
Me: and it pissed her off
Me: so she took the job

but FYI, Alex is in the running for chief resident. and his last name is Karev.

[and then later…..]
Me: OMG the hot guy with the nice eyes is in love with lexie
Matt: the rat guy
Me: but i think lexie is still in love with mcsteamy
Me: yah LOL
Matt: oh shnap

AND the guy with the nice eyes, avery, is working on a rat experiment. 

reason 324 why i love matt.

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