Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blowing up PEEPS!

I just realized I forgot to share one of my favorite parts of our anniversary: blowing up peeps in the microwave. Matt bought me packs of peeps after Easter as part of my anniversary present, for the specific purpose of blowing them up in the microwave (because we're so mature). It's actually one of those things that everyone always talks about, and I had never done as a kid, so I told him about it. And being the caring and considerate and thoughtful boyfriend he is, he scavengered stores for Peeps after Easter. What a keeper. Anyways, after we drove home from Orange County, we were exhausted, so we decided to stay in and watch a movie (Life as we know it!). Afterwards, having reenergized ourselves, we decided to burn some puffy pink marshmallow bunnies!! We made a little video.....

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