Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So as passionate as I am about the Giants, I must say that the Lakers will always have my heart. And I feel like I have been waiting foreverrrrr....but tonight is finally opening night!!!!! Thank God, it's been awhile and I've really been missing the purple and gold (granted I've been busy with the black and orange). In honor of tonight's game against the Rockets, and the RING CEREMONY!!!!! for our 2009/2010 championship, I wanted to do a special blog post to my favorite men!!! Last season was a great sports year for us, so let's go for a three-peat this year :)

the $30,000 beautiful and glorious championship ring
via http://www.lakers.com
PS. This is Kobe's 15th season with the Lakers. Some players just know where their heart and home belong.

PPS. MIAMI lost tonight!!!! So much for that multimillion dollar team.

PPPS. If you even so much shown a sliver of a sign of support for the Heat *ahem, Matt* there will no longer be a matt and margaret project :-P

PPPPS I'm digging Steve Blake. Get to know him cus he's doing big things. As a sidenote, the article does compare Fisher to Blake...a lot, but just know that I still have a lot of respect for Derek Fisher and he will always be one of my favorites.

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