Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

Soooo I landed in San Diego yesterday around 3:15. You're probably wondering how I have time to blog right now, seeing as how I probably should be spending all my time seeing friends, hanging out with Matt, and doing San Diego-y things. Well....let's start from the beginning.

My friend David dropped me off at the airport yesterday around 12:30, where I soon found out that my flight was delayed 20 minutes. It would seem that 20 minutes isn't that big of a deal...but yesterday, it was a HUGE deal. Matt was supposed to pick me up at 2:45 and we were going to rush to his 3:00 class. However, the delay from my flight meant that I wouldn't arrive in San Diego until closer to 3:05 or 3:10. Of course, when I find out about my flight, Matt is working...and he didn't get off until after my flight took off at 1:50. So after contemplating in my head for 10 minutes whether or not it was okay to call him at work, I finally dialed Old Navy on my phone and asked for Matt. We discussed what we should do and I told him I would call around and see if anyone could pick me up. I called my friend, Jessica, who happened to be free and she told me she would pick me up :) This was an excellent plan, because when she picked me up, Jessica and I decided to go to our favorite wine bar in San Diego, called Wetstone (where they have a killer white sangria). It was only a few minutes from the airport, but when we got there, we realized that it was closed. I googled it and found out that happy hour wasn't until we sat in her car for a couple minutes looking up other places to go (thank God for smartphones...). She found a place called Cafe Chloe...where happy hour started at 4, so we decided to give it a shot. Cafe Chloe is's on 9th and G St. (I think) and it is a wine bar/tea room/cute restaurant. It turned out to be this really chic, cute French cafe with outdoor seating, so we took the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather. When we got there, the restaurant was essentially empty, but as happy hour continued, other patrons came in. Since I'm not a huge wine person, I told Jess to order her wine and let me try it. She ordered a white wine, which I soon followed suit in doing as well. Since we were both hungry, we decided on the pommes frites (better known to the regular world as french fries) and the macaroni and pancetta gratin. The food was really cute...the fries came in a cone basket with 3 dipping sauces (some type of ketchup, a watercress sauce and a mayo sauce (which of course I wasn't much of a fan of) and the macaroni was delicious. I can't remember which of the white wines we got but that was also bearable for me. I'd definitely go for Wetstone's Sangria, but the wine was still yummy. I'm actually kind of glad my flight got delayed because I got to have this cute date with Miss Jessica. Plus, if you're a wino (which I'm not) you would love this cute little cafe/wine bar....Jessica did!

Big Glass of Wine!


Matt ended up calling me around 4:30 and told me that he was done with class, so he came to Cafe Chloe and picked me up. We had originally planned for me to do homework while he went to class and then we were going to go to the Yardhouse (remember...largest draft selection in the world? We went in Los Angeles with my friend Andrew). I said good bye to Jess (after making her promise to come out with us on Saturday night) and Matt and I drove over to the Yardhouse. We found parking a few blocks away at a meter (where we only had to pay for an hour). The Yardhouse wasn't super packed when we got there and we found a seat at the bar easily. I think we ended up missing the first pitch, but we only missed a few minutes (you know how Matt gets about the Giants). Since Matt hadn't eaten, we ordered a BBQ chicken pizza (during happy hour, pizza and appetizers are half offf....great deal!!) and we each got a beer. He tried the Ballast Point Porter and I got a beer blend called the Rose Gaarden (which was a blend of two beers, the Hoegaarden White and Lindeman's Framboise). To tell you the truth, I kind of wish I had stuck with the Black Velvet (Pear Cider and Guinness) blend I got last time, because the Rose Gaarden was a little sweet for my taste. It almost kind of resembled strawberry soda. The bartender poured a little more of the Hoegaarden White into my beer, so it was less sweet and it ended up being a lot better. If you ever get it, I would recommend asking for a little more Hoegaarden...because it is delicious, but runs a little sweet. Well, if any of you saw that Giants game yesterday (which I'm sure you did), it was magnificent....completely non-torturous. Actually, in my opinion, it was actually quite the torture for the Rangers....whose bullpen apparently has never heard of the strike zone (what an 8th inning for the Giants). We had called my friend Laszlo to come meet us, and of course, he showed up 2 hours later, during the 8th inning. By that point, Matt had already ordered another beer and we had ordered some chinese garlic noodles (these are amazing...I need to figure out how to make them. Also, their BBQ chicken pizza was delicious too). Las showed up with his little bro, Anthony, and Whitney. They ordered a round of beers and cheered on the Giants with us.

When the game ended, we left to hunt down some costume shops. We found a small one in the heart of the Gaslamp and tried on some funny masks and costumes. But to tell you the truth, as much as I love halloween, I really just don't like Halloween stores. They are terrifying...the scary little monsters that pop out at you, the creepy sounds, the eery fog machines. It's ironic how much I dislike those stores...because I ended up going to 3 of them today. But anyways, after our costume shopping, Anthony wanted to get some we ended up at Hooters (which was the first time ever for Matt, Whitney, and me). I learned that Hooters was named family restaurant of the year (I think in 2003) which is a laughing matter in my opinion. But I have to admit, they have AWESOME chicken wings. And there was also live music that night, a guy on his guitar...playing his own songs as well as some from John Mayer, Brett Dennan, and Jack Johnson. It was a really lively atmosphere, especially since people were lined up outside to go to the Haunted Hotel next door. We found out that on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can do all-you-can-eat chicken wings for 13 bucks. We may just have to try it some time. Anyways, Anthony ran to the bathroom, which is when Laszlo decided to tell the waitress that it was Anthony's birthday. When he got back, the waitress walked up with an entourage of girls clad in orange shorts and Hooters shirts and put a Hooters bow tie around Anthony's neck. They then proceeded to sing (at the top of their lungs) happy birthday to him. Of course, it only hits Anthony after the bow tie is around his neck that they are singing to him (since it obviously wasn't his birthday). After the birthday song, we decided to call it a night. But considering the fact that I landed at 3:15, and it was already 10:30 at that point, I realized how eventful my day was. It just makes me appreciate San Diego so much more...especially my wonderful boyfriend, my awesome friends, and all the fun places we were able to explore! I think this was a very successful first night back in San Diego.

O...and don't think I forgot. Here I am blogging about my entire night...and the reason for this is because Matt had to work today....from 10:15-3:00. Unfortunately, our pumpkin patch adventure was postponed, but I managed to get a little shopping done while he is working. I got a black bow for my hair and a very cute ring and have already been to 3 Halloween stores searching for a blue bow tie for Matt. I'm still not telling you what we are going to be, but I'm pretty sure you have already guessed Matt's costume. But I think I should get to studying for my California Family Law exam on Tuesday...which I should have been doing this whole time. However, I thought I would blog about my great night, so maybe it's a win-win because I still have an hour and a half til Matt is done.

I'm currently sitting in Borders sipping on a Seattle's Best Pumpkin Creme's yummy. In honor of my pumpkin project, I'm going to rate my favorite pumpkin lattes for you.

1. Starbucks (of course!!!!!)
2. Seattle's Best
3. Peet's Coffee

When I try more, I will re-rate my lists for you :) Anyways, have a great halloween weekend everyone!!

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