Monday, October 18, 2010

3 days til southern california!!!!!

On thursday, I'm trekking down to southern california (after a treacherous week at school, 2 midterms and a spanish quiz). Unfortunately, I'm driving down but myself, but thank god I'm seeing some of my favorite people :)

3 days til this!
4 days til this!
6 days til this!

-Dinner with my awesome bf on thursday night!
-Lord of the Bling with awesome friend #1 (amber) on friday night!
-Newport with awesome friend #1 on saturday night!
-Breakfast with awesome friend #2 (meghan) on sunday night!
-Maybe hang out with friend #3 (vinitha) and friend #4 (andrew)

I could maybe possible also see these lovely people....

As a side note, friends are not ranked in order of awesomeness. you are all awesome!


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