Thursday, February 24, 2011

There might be snow in SAN FRANCISCO this weekend!!!

So big news in the weather industry this weekend. Apparently it might get cold enough to snow in the bay area!!! As an avid hater of cold weather and snow....I've decided to temporarily ignore that I hate cold weather, because I think this might be the coolest thing in the entire world. No one really expects the snow to stick, but it would be cool to see some flakes.

Check out this website:

And look at what my iPhone told me!! Forget San Francisco, SNOW IN SUNNYVALE. ironic isn't it?

I see snowflakes on Saturday!

And if you recall from baseball season, I am a huge San Francisco Chronicle fan, and if the Chronicle says it might snow, I'm going to believe them. So weather gods, please bring us some snow this weekend...because my poor little heart will be crushed otherwise.

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