Saturday, February 19, 2011

Margaaareeta comes to San Diego!!

*This is our first dual post. We wanted to write about Valentine's Day together so Matt started the post (in black) and Margaret edited the post (in purple)!*

so, Margaret has already told you about our thursday so Ill skip right into friday.  the morning of friday was a very lazy one for us.  we went to sprinkles cupcakes for the first time ever and waited 35 minutes for the most awesome cupcakes in the entire world.  we tried the red velvet cupcake (their most famous) and the raspberry chocolate chip...which was only around for valentine's day.  we pretty much lounged around until we went to dinner.  we headed down to the yardhouse in downtown for some happy hour.  this happy hour is one of our favorites and we definitely recommend it to anyone.  plus, the atmosphere of the restaurant is really cool so that definitely adds to the overall experience.  plus we watched the lakers win!!!  after the yardhouse we went to the ucsd baseball game.  they put up lights this year so going to friday night games have been really good experiences.  it almost brings me back to the good ol' days of playing ball myself.   we also hung out with our friends, hilary and brad, afterwards.  hilary and i are in the same sorority, and brad is her boyfriend.  brad is a huge beer connoisseur, so he took us to his local bars, where matt got to try some of his favorite beers. overall, a really fun night.

what a nerd
saturday, we went to lunch with some old friends (mainly margaret's because I "remet" some of them that I've known for a couple years now haha) and had sushi at one of our favorite sushi places, sushi ki.  we had a lot of fun because we saw two of our really good friends, patrick and jeff, who have since moved to la.  and of course, miss danielle, my old roommate. I've missed that girl soooo much!  we did some other small things throughout the day but it was pretty mellow all around.  we finished the day by watching the movie Dear John.  channing tatum has got to be one of THE worst actors ever.  however, I will step out on a limb and say that this movie was not his worst.  but, I can surely say that I will not be buying it on bluray anytime soon.  and we made a fruit bowl. yum :)

sunday, we woke up and went to the 11 o'clock service at Flood church and that was really good.  church has been something that I have really been getting into and wanting to grow in and so it was really cool to share that with margaret.  I feel like we can grow more passionately towards each other if we share this desire of faith.  after church we went to mama testas with our friends hilary and brad to try out the fish tacos that gained fame when they defeated the famous bobby flay in a smackdown.  however, these tacos were definitely a disappointment.  in the end, we were simply glad that we had tried them.  we ended our sunday by going bowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find bowling to be extremely enjoyable because everyone sucks and so its an even playing field for all which opens up room for competition.  it was margaret, bryan, and myself who went and it was definitely cool to spend time with one of the roommates outside of the house.  

this was on our table at mama testas

famous fish tacos

we had a stellar first round

monday.....hmmmm I cant remember monday really.  I feel like there was something important that went on the day....oh ya it was VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!  our day was awesome together.  it was especially awesome for the simple fact that we were together and sort of freestyled most of the day.  we made pancakes in the morning!!  we got costco hot dogs, sprinkles cupcakes, and finished the day with a picnic at la jolla shores and watched the sunset together. the weather was beautiful and so was the girl I got to spend the day with.  margaret got me some personalized gift certificates that I get to use whenever I want!  some of them include a back massage, a giants hat, and coldstone!  my gift was not completed but I must say that I am very excited about it.  and telling her it was a surprise only made it worse because she is very impatient when it comes to surprises haha.  so here's another clue margaret:  it will entail my abilities I have learned with technology mixed with the amenities of my school.  and I promise I will have it done by this week.  is it here yet?

more sprinkles!!!

tuesday was characterized by lucha libre (which has, hands down, the best burrito in the entire world!!!!!!) and my girl having to leave :(  however, we will see each other soon enough and I look forward to that dearly!!

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  1. oh how I wish every day with you could start with a costco hot dog and end with cupcakes and a sunset