Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Trip to SD: Day 1

So I am just beginning to realize that I should never commit to do anything on the blog, because that almost always makes me blog less for some weird abstract reason. Anyways, from now on, no commitments, I'm just gonna do whatever I want (and if it so happens to come in a pattern....o well). In case you don't know, I'm referencing my decision to count down Valentine's Day....But this time I had good reason. I was with my valentine :)

Thursday Night: So as you know, I arrived in San Diego for my mini vacation on Thursday night. He picked me up from the airport....and we went to Chick-Fil-A! He's been having a love affair with it in the past few months, and weirdly enough, I had never had it before. Before I begin to tell you about the gloriousness, yumminess, amazingness....hmm well I guess I already started. It is THAT good. It puts KFC, Wendy's, MickeyD's, every place that has a chicken sandwich to SHAME. Plus on top of the excellent spicy chicken sandwich (which was delicious even though I accidentally left the pickles in), they have this sauce. I'm not sure what it is....it's kind of like a honey mustard, but it is to DIE FOR. Okay, I should probably stop talking about food. (O ps did I mention they have those brand-new dippable ketchup containers...1 more point for Chick-Fil-A!). Anyways, afterwards, we met up with my second favorite guy in San Diego, Mr. Laszlo Folks, his awesome girlfriend Alice, and the rest of their gang (who ended up being some of my faves) and hung out in Ocean Beach. If you've never been to Ocean Beach, well...you gotta go. It's the ultimate surfer town....the epitome of a "bro"-town. But we love it because it has cheap bars and great food (not that we ate anymore that night...). Plus did I mention it's on the beach? Anyways, it was a low-key night, but it was fun because I was with some of the best people I know (shout-out to those FIJIs :)).

For some reason, we didn't get any pictures that night, but stay tuned.

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