Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Truck Dates

So this summer, God blessed us with two wonderful awesome new friends, Jaleen and Russell Davidson. They are our married friends (we call them that because we really don't have that many married friends) who recently moved from SLO to San Francisco. And we think they are incredible!! I swear Matt and Russell are like the same person. They like to drink (and brew beer), they are both architects (well almost), and they both love to eat. Nothing brings friends together like food and beer. Jaleen and I were talking about how much I love food trucks one day, and I decided that we needed to experience Off the Grid, a food truck meet that travels throughout the city. We chose to go to the one in Haight Ashbury on Thursday nights (I know, whoever decided to wander the Haight at night is not the smartest cookie). Anyways, it was SPECTACULAR. Nothing brings people together like waiting in lines for food from trucks, scrambling to get four chairs together, and eating community food. Jaleen and I waited in line at supposedly the best food truck in SF called SeƱor Sisig. We got a burrito, because that's what everyone told us to get and it really was pretty amazing. The boys waited in line for "sexy fries" which turned out to be fries covered in indian curry, sounds interesting (and a little scary), but it was the BOMB. We even got these garlic noodles from this place that is supposed to be the best (and they were okay...probably cus they came from a truck). Plus then we got some cupcakes. I swear, this place is like a foodie's heaven. There is literally a little bit of everything. I heard that there was a bacon truck, but it wasn't there that week (did I mention that the trucks alternate? Different trucks come every week). I can't believe we waited until the very last week we lived in SF to go. Regardless I think it was a great way for us to end our, fun, laughs and good friends :)

There is a little bit of a lack of pictures (since we only had our phones and my iPhone doesn't have a flash), but Matt has a video of us talking about our favorite foods. Hopefully he will put it up.

"Hi I'm Russell and my favorite thing fries!!"

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