Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beach Date with my best friend!

My best friend Amber came to visit Matt and I a few weeks ago (or at this rate, maybe a few months ago). I think it was sometime in early September. She has been living in Irvine and working as a scribe while studying for the MCATs (she is pretty incredible). Anyways, she only had a few hours (since she was only home for a few days and usually spends all that time with her family) so we decided to take her to our favorite brewery, Social. We absolutely love this place. It has great food, and even better beer. For a penny, you can do a sampling of all their beers (usually there are like 6 beers). They were having a special for the weekend, $12 bucks for a cheeseburger, fries, and a large of course, we each ordered a special. The cheeseburgers were super delicious, and I picked the Big Lebowski beer because it tasted like coffee. If you live in SF, you have to try this Brewery (the Davidsons actually introduced it to us, which only makes us love it more!).

beer sampling



After we ate, we were struggling with ideas about what we should do. We were too full to eat dessert, so that was out of the question. But Matt came up with a great idea to go to the beach. For once, it was not foggy and cold, but it was actually like 70-75 degrees out. Best idea ever. It was beautiful out. Surfers catching waves, babies playing in the sand, couples jogging with their dogs...typical wonderful sunset at the beach (if we were in San Diego). Literally this was only the second time we've been to the beach (and the first time we didn't even touch the water because it was freezing). It makes me miss San Diego so much. We ran into the water fully clothed, in jeans/shorts/pants etc. and it was totally worth it getting soaked. This was probably one of our best nights in San Francisco.


sneak attack: he jumped in our picture.

the water was still pretty cold though...

Thanks for bringing the sunshine from So Cal with you, Bamber!

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