Monday, October 10, 2011

Date Wars: Matt's Date

First, coming up with my date was quite a challenge.  I had so many ideas running through my head and I simply wanted it to be perfect.  Ultimately I decided on a date that I thought was awesome!!  Here's how it went:

I returned from work and presented Margaret with two beautiful Gerber Daisy flowers (her favorite flower, mind you!).

We then proceeded to drive to dinner where I had window seat reservations at Grub.  I picked this place for two reasons:  1)  Margaret LOVES mac 'n' cheese, and 2)  we came here once before and had an amazing experience.  The food really hit the spot and I we were definitely enjoying our time together.  I got the mac 'n' cheese with add-ons of bacon, sun dried tomatoes, and truffle oil.  Let's just say that both of us would do terrible things to get our hands on a dish that good!  Margaret got the chicken breast burger and it was definitely a solid combination for the mac 'n' cheese.  We shared both dishes so we both had a little slice of heaven.

Dinner finally came to an end and we were on route to the main event:  ice skating at the Yerba Buena Ice Skating rink!!  Margaret has been ice skating before and I never have, but we have talked about ice skating for a REALLY long time.  I thought it would be a really fun date to get out and do something that we have never done together before.  We shared a ton of laughs when Margaret screamed every time she almost fell and at the times when I tried doing spins in the air.  Let's just say that both of us had moments of getting on a personal level with the ice.

Great posture!

Triple mctwist with a perfect dismount and landing!

This was only one of two times that
I saw her fall.  Not too shabby!

I win date wars because this picture is now
our blog's profile picture!

Dessert WAS planned but because of a few financial surprises with the date and our exhaustion from skating, we decided to forgo dessert and just get a really large coke instead.  All in all, this was a very fun date and is something that I hope to do again with her!

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