Monday, July 18, 2011

last weekend...

we saw harry potter!! and it was glorious. i can't even begin to describe how i feel. it's like suddenly growing up overnight (actually, in 2 hours to be exact). i know i'm 23 (and really have been an adult for 5 years now) but seriously, my childhood just ended. but good news. for once in my life, i didn't cry. seriously. because i'm such a movie crier. it's incredible. i almost cried. it was that good. the movie definitely did it justice (though it did cut out some big details that I would have loved to see). let's be serious. this movie is epic. and i'm pretty sure it had the biggest movie opening...ever in the history of the world. bravo harry (and ron and hermione...and let's give a big what's up to neville, because he is pretty cute in real life). anyways, to tell you the truth, i will probably see it at least once (or twice) more in theaters. actually, i could go for a harry marathon.

harry (and even voldy). it was great knowing you. thanks for the good memories!

yes we are those people.

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