Wednesday, July 13, 2011

birthday girl!!!!

yes. i am referring to myself. happy birthday to me!!!! actually it was yesterday. but throughout the day yesterday, i realized how awesome the people in my life are. let me just recap my 23rd (and maybe best) birthday for you.

I woke up to this guy making me breakfast before work. the poor kid woke up an hour earlier than usual just to make me eggs and toast. what a cutie. plus he got me this sweet watch. best boyfriend ever.

when i got to work, my desk was littered with stuff. and by stuff i mean a confetti tree, a balloon, some cards, and eventually flowers. this is my first time working on my birthday (this means that i'm officially part of the real world...working on your birthday tsk tsk). anyways, it was awesome. pretty much everyone said happy birthday to me at work. one of my co-workers bought me breakfast at my desk (pancakes!) and then my financial advisor took me to lunch. amazing. and after lunch, they got me TWO CAKES, one red velvet from nothing bundt cakes and another red velvet cake (good thing i like red velvet!!). i gotta say...if birthdays are always this fun at work....well i'm totally down to work on my birthday.

when i got home, i found a dozen sprinkles cupcakes on my doorstep....courtesy of the faboosh meghan. thanks girl. you know the way to my heart. even though you are 259073719384 miles away, you know how to make my birthday rock.

my small birthday dinner turned into a big friend fest. some of my closest friends drove up to have pizza with us. OOOO! we went to little star which is on the foodie list! we tried the little star pizza of course because it's the actual one on the list. it was delicious. i just love pizza. and vinitha baked me the most fabulous looking cake in the world. it's shaped like a giants hat :) she knows me so well. Afterwards, we grabbed a few drinks but pretty much kept it low key. that's how you know you're 23. ick. getting home before 11 on your birthday. but i was exhausted from being so damn happy all day. i would say that i had the most fantastic day ever.

and today (not even my birthday), i came home from work and found these beautiful flowers from my favorite one year old. thanks landon :) (and marie). who knew that he knew how to order flowers from 1800flowers. he's such a gifted child.

anyways, i'm pretty sure i gained like 10 pounds from eating (mostly cake) in the past 24 hours. but it's my birthday, so if i say let them eat cake, then let them eat cake (and by them, i mean me).

so......i just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who contributed to my awesome birthday (i know i've said awesome like 12 times already). you guys are the best, including everyone that blew up my facebook! thank you everybody :)

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